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  1. Hello guys, i was playing with my DesireZ last night and suddently it freezed. I've pull out the battery, then reboot but it stucks at the HTC splash screen (white and green HTC logo). I'm still able to access bootloader and fastboot, but when I try to perform a factory erase it freezes again and i must pull out the battery. What could I do? I've original bootloader, ROM...all out of the box! Thanks, I wanna have my chance first to call the assistance..
  2. Could I manage it via fastboot also with my 2.73.xxx.x stock ROM?
  3. I've done with FlashRec. Now it works again. Close please.
  4. Hi guys, I've flashed a wrong recovery image, it was for Dream and not for Hero. I've flashed the last v1.5.2 by Amon_RA and now i cannot go in recovery mode. I tried flashing the backup or other recovery for Hero (with RecFlasher, because I can't with Fastboot), but everytime i try to boot with Home+Power i only get an icon (a triangle + a phone). How can i flash back a right recovery image for my Hero 2.73.405.5? Now my phone runs, but i cannot go in recovery mode, only in fastboot bootloader. Thanks to all! p.s. I can still get superuser rights.
  5. How did you do? I'm really interested in this. Thanks.
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