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  1. thla

    XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    This is not really the right place to ask, but anyone know if you can use that BFPS pre-paid card for my current Play Account, as i'd prefer not having to create a new one. Basically i used to have a fake US billing address + real CC from my country attached, at first it worked just fine, then it got blocked but it still worked fine after that, then it got blocked once more and now every time i try to buy anything it'll say an error with the payment occured, if i do it again they'll block the card once more. So just wondering if i could add this to my account and expect it to work, or if my luck has run out.
  2. thla

    Samsung finally announce the Galaxy S3

    Yeah, for me the perfect SGS3 would've been same hardware but basically Galaxy Nexus design, or the SGS3 design but with no physical buttons (capacative or display buttons)
  3. thla

    HTC One X Review

    On some devices you simply have to hold down the Power button for even longer, like 10 seconds, and then it'll shut down, the process is not dependant on the software so it will work whether it hangs or anything else. I would assume similar is the case for this device.
  4. thla

    HTC One X Review

    What happened to the part about ICS phones would have to include Holo as an optional theme for the device to be certified by google?
  5. Is there anyway to have it use another(in this case, danish) keyboard layout for the keyboards connected via USB? Also not sure if this is a MCR or Google issue, but if i connect my mouse to it, it will not use the softkeyboard as it apparently thinks it's a keyboard :)
  6. I know, i can probably also find apk's of all the other apps he includes, what's your point?
  7. I don't know if you already include the latest music apk, but since Marketenabler doesn't work, can we get some options to both have the newest music apk and the currents apk?
  8. thla

    Apps not working

    Google Music is US only. BBC iPlayer and News have been reported incompatible, possible BBC have removed the possibility to install it from the market? Otherwise try MarketEnabler and compare your operator code to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_Network_Code
  9. Why? You still have to control it using the actual phone. Would be pimp if it did so when you connected a keyboard and mouse though :)
  10. Sounds like Google just forgot to set the flag when they compiled the kernel, probably just an oversight that will be fixed in their next update.
  11. thla

    Did I get a developer device?

    Yeah looks like they've updated the developer portion of the device pretty significantly.
  12. thla

    Did I get a developer device?

    Yes and No :P The Galaxy Nexus IS a developer device, but you didn't get any special engineering hardware or software, the developement device id is just the id that it identifies itself as in the Android Debug Bridge (used for developement)

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