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  1. does anybody know if the nook reading app works please
  2. i use launcherpro that extends the pictures so no cropping it works great wth 2.1
  3. actually you can but no as many as before i got swype vlingo droid x multi smart keyboard pro and when i tried better keyboard it would not allow me to sellect
  4. hey still having problem cant get in to koushs recovery for zip what command do you use to update.pkg please
  5. ok thats great ill have a go now again thannks for the help
  6. when i use stock recovery zip will i be able to download the update or not
  7. cheers done it been trying to write in properly for 2 days did not know you could drag it lol do i feel stupid .
  8. ok cool .will the androot version work or are the problems with it . i keep trying to do through fastboot by typing in command prompt but that dont work either just keeps coming up fastboot-windows.exe is not recognised internal or external program thanks for the help
  9. how can i install pkg files with koushs recovery and superboot on my phone i tried to download and install the update but could not get it to to work any ideas please appreciate the help thanks
  10. i can get it to run using command prompt it just keeps coming up saying fastboot is not a recognised internal or external command ive got it rooted with koush recovery can you help please
  11. I tried several times today to install 2'1 but would not read the update.pkg i have koushs superboot installed could you please me
  12. i was wondering of you could help me please is there anyway way of getting flash either light version or full version to work on my streak i had it n my old htc desire which had android 2.0 cheers
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