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  1. Why do you choose Cexstel instead of Synopsys?
  2. Fonz what is the best kernel for your ROM? Do you recommend Synopsys for battery?
  3. The kernel included in the rom is better than synopsys, isn't it?
  4. I have the latest stable build. Is it possible to active KSM and Frandom? They impact positve in the battery life, isn't it?
  5. Tnx it works. I have an issue with SMTP setting of an email account. I use the same setting of the desktop client but it doesn't work
  6. I tried to install the ROM. But after the boot Google sync is red and give an error
  7. With the last update, when I perform a search in the adress bar of the browser, it redirect to Google homepage
  8. Is this a function to block calls from unwanted numbers in the ROM?
  9. We could do your homework, so you can develop ROM with ease.
  10. Is it possible to set auto brightness values like CM ROM?
  11. Is it possible to set auto brightness values like CM ROM?
  12. With synopsit I got 1.30 hour screen on. What are your settings?
  13. Google messenger is on the play store (a new app for SMS). Is it possible to remove the stock app for SMS?

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