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  1. Hi Daskalos, Like the rom, fast stable and nice. I installed the megalite version and changed the menu to a 4 grid icon spacing and I lost the original theme from you. Can you post a cab or tsk for the original theme that you used as standard in the rom. Thanks in advance.
  2. @ THE BIG GURU DASKALOS I changed the menu grid to 4 and now i'm missing your cool theme, is it possible to post the theme as a tsk or cab file for me pleae. Thanks in advance.
  3. Daskalos, I AM DROOLING ABOUT YOUR SUPER WORK...... :) :D
  4. I had something like that with the rom but not with active sync. I changed the theme to wm default and this worked for me. Try it.
  5. Why are you all complaining? First line in the post says FREEWARE!!!!!! It's an official samsung programm for free only taken from a nother phone! Just as the rom cooks are doing that are now screeming about it!!!! Samsung Twitter for Omina2/i8000 v1.2 WVGA (Freeware) So just COOOOOOL it ok :D :( :(
  6. Het nummer is hoger dan de huidige, dus lijkt het voor mij dat wm6 een later build is. Of zit ik hiermee fout? :) ;) :D
  7. Alvast sorry voor mijn woorden: Check de versie numbnuts!! :) ;) :D :( :( :D :D
  8. Thanks, will download and test today. Follow up well come. :P :D :P :P
  9. @DASKALOS when can we expect a megalite version?? Love your work bye the way.
  10. Hi, I found these files. download http://www.4shared.com/dir/36854792/fc7b74...ffice_2007.html both files. Install the cab and the other one is a PC sertup with an update. I have powerpoint and onenote both working. Good luck.
  11. I think this version is for the normal home screen. go to settings and home to adjust the things you want on it. It doesn't work in the 6.5.5 windows default screen.
  12. Try this: http://tinyurl.com/flipclockanimation
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