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  1. Hi all, Wonder if anyone can help? My Vox can't access any micro SD card... can't see it as a pseudo-folder in File Explorer on the phone or Windows Explorer via ActiveSync, can't access it with Media Player. The story is a little involved. This device started as an SPV E650. I was given it by a friend when my SPV C550 keyboard died, and he mentioned that it would not read the card. I sim-unlocked it, and put up with the lack of card access for a while, then found time to flash it with the latest Orange ROM I could find ( in the hope that this would help. For a few minutes after flashing, I could see through File Explorer on the phone and Windows Explorer via ActiveSync that the card was there. Thinking all the problems were past, I then changed a few settings (eg Home Screen, nothing advanced), took out the card to throw some music onto it via my card reader, put the card back in, and.... nothing. Can't see it again. So I tried the whole job again from hard reset to flash, and still couldn't see the card. Emboldened, I have flashed now to HTC's ROM (1.34.405.1) and still can't see it. Does anyone have better ideas than get a new phone? Thanks in advance, Bill.
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