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    GT-i8000 Omnia II
  1. We had try to use CSC_I8000XSOIJ2 on 6.5.3 does not work it will work only at 6.5 only. Please advice!
  2. New rom I8000NXXJG6 is out any link to download? Thanks!
  3. Maybe they are busy watching world cup that why rom come late. New rom will out after the world cup ends.
  4. Yes have http://up.kingmobi.net/i8000timje1867.rar Password => [email protected]
  5. What about the phone still Phone_I8000XXJD1 or Phone_I8000XXJD3?
  6. Sorry now can view after reflash JD1 rom again but cannot write chinese text alldo flash with CSC_I8000XSOJA2.
  7. MyCoder, any I8000XSOJC1 for us since multi CSC I8000NXXJC1 is out. http://www.modaco.com/content-page/304598/...-kies/page/140/
  8. Thanks for your reply strange according to Mzabu XSOIJ9 avaiable. Please refer his comment http://www.modaco.com/content-page/293492/...roms/page/4760/
  9. Do anyone of you know where to download only CSC:I8000XSOIJ9? I only saw CSC:I8000XSOIJ2 avaiable for download.
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