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  1. honestly ring them again and its a bit of luck if you get a weird one or not... they replaced my screen not too much arguing... So the LCD broke and not the glass? well thats a common problem if they say no again ask to speak to their manager it normally helps a bit
  2. Thanks that really helped alot Now i remember hearing that WM7 doesnt have flash on their browser is this true?
  3. Hiya im in the market for a new phone as ive sold my Dell Streak (which i loved due to the custom roms) but now i need a new phone... It's between the HD7 and Desire HD but ive never had any experience with the new microsoft phone OS my main questions is whats the internet experience like and ive head WM7 has a shortage of apps (not sure if this is blog BS though) and i LOVED dolphin HD on my Streak, is the internet as nice on the HD7?.. i liked android but it was starting to wear on me although desire HD with cyanogen mod seemed nice option... Also are there any other phones i should consider 4" screen or bigger pref... Thanks for any advice...
  4. Lol ive got my streak back from worse... where did you get the rom from? link it here You said it was on 2.1 and not 2.2, did you no notice the lack stage UI? Also 5. Type 'fastboot-windows.exe -i 0x413c flash recovery c:\recovery.stock.img' . Make sure the .img file is in c:\ directory. The program will now update the recovery image on your Streak. I thought it went: Fastboot mode phone CMD type c:\streak (thats what it is for me) CMD type fastboot CMD fastboot –i 0x413c flash recovery recovery.stock.img but im not sure
  5. So is that a no on anyone being able to change the green stuff into blue such as cell,wifi and vibrate? i could try my self if anyone can point me in the right direction ive tried to look online in the forums and stuff on how to do them but it goes mostly over my head so i would really prefer somones help before i accidently set my phone on fire by my shitty skills...
  6. I would be so grateful if someone could do this I like blue so blue wifi, cell and vibrate icons would rock so much...
  7. Where do you get the games from and is it possible to use a PS3 controller?
  8. Which is why i help by sending donations steves way =)...
  9. Does anyone know how to unistall the per-installed apps? I want to uninstall quickoffice so i install the HD version but it wont let me uninstall...
  10. yeah well i sorted that out too now now need to work out if my streaks already rooted or not, i assume as when i install 1.7 i see superuser which means its rooted right?
  11. it was doing that im redoing it now to see if it makes a difference thanks
  12. Im having a problem that what ever i write in the install.txt file isnt applied to 1.7? ive put the file to root prior to installing but it doesnt work... ive attached where i put it and the file itself... NEVER MIND ITS SORTED NOW THANKS TO POPETODD! install.txt.txt
  13. So why are none of the options being applied? i put it in before installing 1.7 and still its the same...
  14. Is the place i have placed the file in the root of the SDcard? Ive attached a image to show where i put it...
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