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  1. Witch rom version are you using ??? Your paritions don't match mines! I'm using ACER_LiquidE_0.004.01_EMEA_GEN1 .. I only have up to mtd7.. BTW, succefully did a nandroid backup in eclair EDIT: ok, found the problem.. Recovery only lists up to mtd7, in normal mode they all show.
  2. I know, but think we don't need to backup those partitions, at least kpanic.. I'm still writing a new recovery binary from the sources, making it work better and giving a bit more information to the user and is working (: .. I will start working in the compatibility now.. Hehe, thanks.. I know, only said that because didn't worked much on Android last days, but think I can back to work now.. (;
  3. To don't let people in the dark, I'm posting here this msg. I'm sorry for the time this is taking, but I asked for two different persons for help (aka sources) and got no response from both, so, I needed to write [and recreate] new code.. So far things are going fine.. Adding some new ideias and making nandroid compatible is almost done (: .. Think in a few days I can release a version ONLY with nandroid backup and restore (nothing more, new features will be added in next release).
  4. I'm working for some days in a new recovery (:
  5. Yes I did, and I think that acer just "shut up" does errors not to show in release version ! :\ Well, this week I think I would not be so active around here because I have exams :\ ..
  6. Thanks for finding that out (: .. I'll max speed the liquid to that speed in next release (: ..
  7. I think jit is a little buggy, I'm not entirely inside this subject, but from what I read, cyanogen that included it on nexus mod left this comment in changelog: :\
  8. You have your point, in keyboard its better not having the midpt, never thought on that , I'll do some tests later (: .. Hey, did you found the patch for liquids kernel version ??
  9. I need you to describe better the problem please. You facing that problem in dolphin [ witch version ] ?? You prefer to remove the MT ability and discard completly the second touch, is it that? yes, and like in motorola cliq, I don't find any reference of any succeeding it.. Thats the point, I don't find nothing that can give a clue hoe android is doing it :\ ..
  10. Ok, sorry to hear that :\ .. Thanks, I left a comment there (: .. EDIT: Well, the problem resides right there, the lib is there and the android system does not loads it :s .. EDIT2: Finnaly managed to compile the bloody lib! And app finnaly started (didn't tested yet) but got erros on log.. EDIT3: This is getting me crazy :s .. stupid wifi interface ! EDIT4: We are f**ked up, spent all night on this almost for nothing. Same comment I left on the issue tracker: F**k, now I'm going to sleep completely pissed off!
  11. Native, I'll try to build from the source.. Whats bugging me is that the app does not request root access, so, the problem might be there !!
  12. Well I download from svn normally. I get this error on logcat I/TETHER -> NativeTask( 2874): Trying to load libnativetask.so E/TETHER -> NativeTask( 2874): Could not load libnativetask.so Hum..
  13. Did you look at this? http://code.google.com/p/get-a-robot-vpnc/...es/detail?id=38 Did you tried it ??
  14. Oah, ok.. I download the source but I'm having a hard time to debug the f**king app ! I have the ndk on my system, and eclipse does all the job!.. EDIT: I think that ndk (jni) want compile in windows without cygwin, do you have it installed??
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