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  1. Hi Guys!! I have lots of questions regarding this Omnia II. I just recently purchased it as a gift for my self, and I am having regrets about it. Well, the main reason I purchased this phone is so that I can stay connected everywhere I go. (and I'm normally at home or the office) I didn't bother purchasing an unlimited data plan, coz it is WAY expensive here in my country. And I have free access thru wi-fi at work. I also love watching YouTube videos, mainly for MTV's. I also use this phone to create reports, documents and some work related stuff. I can actually use it, but it's a big factor to watch youtube. And I can't watch youtube with it, coz I'm using wi-fi. I tried using 3g, and I was able to watch it with the streaming player thing. But I can't afford that. All I wanna do is to be able to watch YouTube with Wi-Fi. I did these. Upgraded OS to Windows Mobile 6.5 Installed Opera Mobile 10 as my default browser. I also installed FLASH PLAYER 7 (coz I thought it will let me watch youtube). I also installed that TCMP and bundled flash player thing I got off of the net. Everything failed. I desperately need help. I'm really not a very technical person. Please help me. Thanks in advance! I have more follow up questions. But this concerns me the most.
  2. seff20

    Suncellular GPRS and MMS Settings

    Hi, I'm using a Samsung Omnia II GT I8000 And I can't receive MMS. I'm a Sun Cellular Postpaid Subscriber. I called them to ask for the settings, but I just can't get it right. Coz they don't know how to set it up themselves for my phone. Please help.
  3. seff20

    Bricked your Omnia 2?

    Hi Guys! Still new here. Well, I've got a problem with my Samsung Omnia II. When I tried "UPDATING" it, with New PC Studio (NPS), It was ALMOST done, it was at about 98% downloading update, when My phone suddenly powered down. Then I tried to power it back on, it was Ok at first glance. But when I tried to navigate thru my files, The touch just wont respond where I'm touching it. I tap the phonebook button (the one in the bottom right), but it clicks at the phone button (the one at the bottom left) I just can't use it anymore! then when I try to use emergency restore the phone thru NPS, Emergency Restore can't or won't detect the GT-I8000. I still haven't tried to update the phone though. I wanna make sure that I repair it first. I did backup my files btw. I have to work later tonight, So I desperately need my phone. I hope you can help me.. All help will be very very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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