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  1. Daemon_necis

    QTADB not working

    Hey everybody, does anybody have problems using qtadb like me? I can connect but i am not able to use any feature except the file browser. I have an unlocked (revolutionary) and rooted device, but it's branded by my provider. I don't know if it's in connection with this, but remote apps like RemoteWebDesktop don't work, too... I hope there are other people out there, who want to remote control their sensation :-)
  2. Daemon_necis

    Sensation Dock...

    my sensation isn't going to dockmode automaticaly... i have to use an app which scans for usb-plugin
  3. but there is one question: what about the warranty?
  4. Daemon_necis

    Must have cabs for b7610

    Well lets see... Sense + SSMAHOS2U2S2VS2PAE Button PlusG-AlarmDisable Policy CheckTotal Commander win6.5.3Chainfire's AutoClosePatchChainfire's Turbo3DPDA SkatCorePlayerFrontCamera EnablerFInix Battery iconsFoxit PDF-ReaderGoogle MapsGoogle YoutubeObexInboxcleanRAMAdvance ConfigJSPA Program ManagerUzard WebPMedia Center ControlOmniaTHREADOpera Mobile 10O2Compass 3.3pocketRARB7610 GPS-FixIM+SKToolsTimeSyncSoftmaker Office Suitsome Samsung AppsTylwith NoCameraSoundTylwith lightsensorfixVito Ringtone EditorVito SMS-ChatWindows Mobile Restart and last but not least SASHIMI for automatic installation ;-)
  5. Hey there! Any idea how to change the keyboard layout from qwerty to qwertz? and vice versa?
  6. Daemon_necis

    [TUT] File transfer - ADB

    you also can use my driver pack so you don't need to install android sdk or samsung kies... found here
  7. Daemon_necis

    ADB Pack

    only thing i can do is to pack a full tar.gz... but i don't know how to integrate the .sh scripts
  8. Daemon_necis

    ADB Pack

    Hey guys to make the start for newbies (like me :-P ) easier on Android, here is a complete driver set for ADB. I also upload ADB itself because it's needed for QtADB can anyone pls test the package? Mirrors are very welcome! Links: ADB_Driver ADB
  9. Did anyone managed to install the 2011-03-03 update on MyStorage? I installed the beta2, as described ibn post #1, then I installed the video driver and everything worked fine. Then I un-tar-ed the o2b2update.tar.gz of the 2011-03-03 and replaced the kernel-image, too. As I understand I have to execute the o2b2update.sh in Android, right? But I have 2 problems with that: 1. After untaring the update / replacing the kerner, Android freezes after 30 seconds, maybe because I didn't execute o2b2update.sh? 2. I don't know how to execute the o2b2update.sh under Android. Do I have to use a terminal emulator?
  10. I'm using Opera mobile because of its usability... i don't like opera mini in personal. but after reading this, i'll test UCweb
  11. i confirm gps is working on our devices. tried it yesterday with test app and google maps.. navigated from my home to hamburg :P
  12. 3G working well on VF Germany, too. nice thing to have inet ;) I have a tip for all those who have install-issues. 1) go to windows device manager (where you can configure partitions and drive letters etc.) with the SD-Card in a card reader. 2) delete all partitions of the sd-card. 3) make a new fat32 partition. 4) put the sd-card into your phone and format it again with samsung settings 5) follow the guide on the first page of this thread to create a fresh install of android. i like android very well, with 2d/3d drivers its as fast as win mob, very nice work ;)
  13. I couldt help to translate from english to german, if somebody wouldt make the ressource hacks
  14. Daemon_necis

    [ROM][GER/WWE][SENSE] WM 6.5.3_21680

    i have the feeling that the rom is quite power hungry... any confirmation?
  15. Daemon_necis


    wouldt be auch dabei :D

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