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  1. Hey everybody, does anybody have problems using qtadb like me? I can connect but i am not able to use any feature except the file browser. I have an unlocked (revolutionary) and rooted device, but it's branded by my provider. I don't know if it's in connection with this, but remote apps like RemoteWebDesktop don't work, too... I hope there are other people out there, who want to remote control their sensation :-)
  2. my sensation isn't going to dockmode automaticaly... i have to use an app which scans for usb-plugin
  3. Well lets see... Sense + SSMAHOS2U2S2VS2PAE Button PlusG-AlarmDisable Policy CheckTotal Commander win6.5.3Chainfire's AutoClosePatchChainfire's Turbo3DPDA SkatCorePlayerFrontCamera EnablerFInix Battery iconsFoxit PDF-ReaderGoogle MapsGoogle YoutubeObexInboxcleanRAMAdvance ConfigJSPA Program ManagerUzard WebPMedia Center ControlOmniaTHREADOpera Mobile 10O2Compass 3.3pocketRARB7610 GPS-FixIM+SKToolsTimeSyncSoftmaker Office Suitsome Samsung AppsTylwith NoCameraSoundTylwith lightsensorfixVito Ringtone EditorVito SMS-ChatWindows Mobile Restart and last but not least SASHIMI for automatic installation ;-)
  4. Hey there! Any idea how to change the keyboard layout from qwerty to qwertz? and vice versa?
  5. you also can use my driver pack so you don't need to install android sdk or samsung kies... found here
  6. only thing i can do is to pack a full tar.gz... but i don't know how to integrate the .sh scripts
  7. Hey guys to make the start for newbies (like me :-P ) easier on Android, here is a complete driver set for ADB. I also upload ADB itself because it's needed for QtADB can anyone pls test the package? Mirrors are very welcome! Links: ADB_Driver ADB
  8. Did anyone managed to install the 2011-03-03 update on MyStorage? I installed the beta2, as described ibn post #1, then I installed the video driver and everything worked fine. Then I un-tar-ed the o2b2update.tar.gz of the 2011-03-03 and replaced the kernel-image, too. As I understand I have to execute the o2b2update.sh in Android, right? But I have 2 problems with that: 1. After untaring the update / replacing the kerner, Android freezes after 30 seconds, maybe because I didn't execute o2b2update.sh? 2. I don't know how to execute the o2b2update.sh under Android. Do I have to use a terminal emulator?
  9. I'm using Opera mobile because of its usability... i don't like opera mini in personal. but after reading this, i'll test UCweb
  10. i confirm gps is working on our devices. tried it yesterday with test app and google maps.. navigated from my home to hamburg :P
  11. 3G working well on VF Germany, too. nice thing to have inet ;) I have a tip for all those who have install-issues. 1) go to windows device manager (where you can configure partitions and drive letters etc.) with the SD-Card in a card reader. 2) delete all partitions of the sd-card. 3) make a new fat32 partition. 4) put the sd-card into your phone and format it again with samsung settings 5) follow the guide on the first page of this thread to create a fresh install of android. i like android very well, with 2d/3d drivers its as fast as win mob, very nice work ;)
  12. I couldt help to translate from english to german, if somebody wouldt make the ressource hacks
  13. i have the feeling that the rom is quite power hungry... any confirmation?
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