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  1. Are the links working to you? I cannot download anything from mirrorcreator... EDIT: it's a problem with Firefox... no problem using Chrome . Sorry.
  2. Thank you so much!! I'm still with LNP 1.9.2, so I have to start from the new recovery, format sd and so on... Advices about swap and data partition sizes? Now I'm using app2sd (from LiquidNextParts menu under settings), is it the same on CM9? I moved on sd-ext apps and data, but not dalvik: is this a good choice (I'm quite a newbie)? Thanx soooo much!!
  3. Ainilla, do you think to update your "final" rom with these new files, or you are done with CM7.2?? Thanks anyway!! :)
  4. Thanks for your jobs guys! I'm with LNP 1.9.2 yet, but finally I'm ready to evolve! ^_^ I've got a partition Ext2 (1gb) for App2SD... your advise is to mantain this one or to format and create an Ext4? For Liquid A1 do you recommend a swap partition?
  5. Good rom (at least without Facebook), but I have problems with apps that use camera, like googles or barcode scanner. I get an error message, and app crashes. Could it be a bug??
  6. Just an advice: is it better on 4.504b, on the newer 4.002.08, or it's just the same?? And then a couple of questions: 1) After installing the LCR 1.0 is it better to boot once, or is it possible to flash the patch without exiting from recovery? 2) I use app2sd "old method" ("Internal memory" on LCR settings and "move app + dalvik" from recovery). Is it possible to set app2sd on recovery just after the flash and before the first boot? I'm asking this because at first boot my Liquid dwnloads all the apps from the market (syncing with my gmail account), but if don't have app2sd already activated, I run out of space... Thanks (and sorry for my english!!) :huh:
  7. Hi, could you tell me if is it possible to install the LCR 1.0 (plus patches) over the new leak 4.002.08_EMEA-GEN1_05.01.05? Thanks!!!
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