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  1. My vote goes to LogMeIn too, its an awesome bit of software... Not only is it free :) but once I get home, I can wirelessly connect to my home network, power up the pc from downstairs, open Outlook, and then sync all my emails to my M3100 via bluetooth. It saves a lot of walking around and plugging in of devices to each other. I even managed to watch a slightly jerky video from YouTube last night (but without the audio). And speaking of audio, LogMeIn is a great remote control application for WMP too!!
  2. That seems to be the answer, thank you very much! I couldn't access the 'Options' menu when the phone was sync'd to my PC, but after disconnecting I was able to change the settings. And your directions were spot on, good memory! Thanks again
  3. Hi all, Can anyone advise me on how I can get the entire message from Outlook on my PC sync'd to my M3100? At the moment I only get partial messages on my M3100, with a message at the bottom saying something like 'Get the rest of this message'. I can then only get the rest of the when I sync to my home PC which isn't ideal when I'm at work!! I've looked through the settings menus everywhere, but can't seem to find anything relating to this. Please help!
  4. This worked for me perfectly, first time! Thank you very much for your help, what a great feeling to know my M3100 is now no longer restricted to Orange, the way a phone should be! Thanks again
  5. I recently upgraded (on Thurs, 3 days ago) after getting a call from Orange to say they had the M3100 back in stock. I've been waiting about 6 weeks to get an upgrade and would have gone for the C700 if it had been released. I was on a £30 + £5 ins. deal, 200 mins + bonus 200 and 120 texts + bonus 120 per month. When I got the initial call telling me I could upgrade the guy also mentioned that I am a 'Band 5' customer, the highest bracket. I can only assume this is because I call Russia a lot and my average bill for the last 6 months is about £50 - £60. I decided to call retentions to see what they'd say and they gave me this deal: 18 month contract (apparently no longer doing 12 month contracts) £35 per month Racoon contract (500 cross network mins + 200 texts per month) £5 per month insurance (waived for the 18 month duration) 1 magic number 2 month off-peak gprs (I think, maybe 3G) surfing £50 fee for handset (waived) Hope this helps...
  6. @Richard What is the extended ROM, and how do you open it up? Thank you!
  7. Hi there, I've been waiting for an SPV M3100 for about 2 months since I first got the call from Orange that I was due for an upgrade. Well, after about 8 phone calls over the last 2 weeks, I finally got a call back from the Prange Upgrade team telling me they now have the M3100 in stock!! With a little luck I should receive it tomorrow...
  8. Shame :( There is now a gaping hole in the Orange candybar smartphone line-up, which needs to be filled by a nice new feature-rich model. I guess its the M3100 for me :rolleyes: Thanks for the info anyway...
  9. Hi everyone, I just thought I'd share the latest news with you that I got from Orange Customer Services when I spoke to a guy there last night: I've been due for an upgrade for about 6 weeks, but have been holding off getting an SPV M3100 as I prefer the smaller form of smartphones compared to PPCs. The chap I spoke to last night told me that he could no longer get details up on his screen about the SPV C700 :rolleyes: He went on to say that because the release date for the C700 was August 24th (or thereabouts), and it was already about 8 weeks overdue, he didn't think things were looking good for this phone. His opinion was either that Orange might have pulled the plug on it entirely due to ongoing hardware or software problems with the phone, or it has been taken off their system because it is about to be released in the very very near future. He suggested that I call back towards the end of the week, by which time they should have received a new spreadsheet for the last quarter of this year detailing which phones will be released / coming soon. Has anyone else heard anything similar to this? Or can anyone enlighten me with more details? Thanks
  10. Hi, I've been trying to find out how to SIM unlock an Orange SPV M1500, but haven't been able to find any threads that are specific to that device! In fact there are very few threads for the M1500 at all. I realise it is now quite an old device, and seeing as it was never really popular, I can see why I'm running into difficulty. Can anyone direct me to a thread that might be useful for my purposes so I can put other SIM cards into it, or even send me the link to the equivalent I-Mate / Qtek ROM with some directions on how to do it please? I realise I ask a lot, but would be very grateful for any help offered. Thanks
  11. Thanks for that. I guess you're probably right about the bidirectionality being limited by the phone. Can anyone shed some light on the range limitations they have experienced trying to control WMP?
  12. Hi, I've been reading threads about getting control over Windows Media Player from my C500, and I really want to do it too, but I'm having difficulty finding decent reviews for the bluetooth usb dongle I'll need for my PC. Ideally I'd like one with at least 100m range, so I can sync from anywhere in the house, and play my music from the garden. Also, I'm going to upgrade my phone in the near future so I'd like it to be capable of communicating with later smartphones too (using bluetooth 2.0) Can anyone please advise me on what a good one might be for these purposes. Thanks a lot for your help everyone
  13. Maniac, This is probably the greatest program for smartphones that is currently available IMO. Thank you very much for it! I've only recently returned to see how you were getting on, having been using version 2.52 for a very long time!! Anyway, I downloaded the version 3.82 for my SPV C500 and thought the improvements were great. But shortly after I started using it, it stopped displaying my message and missed call information. This was after I received a text message (which did appear on the screensaver), but which subsequentlly didn't go away after I'd read the text. Switching the phone off and then on cleared the message but it never came back again. I thought I could correct the problem if I installed version 3.86, but alas! to my despair I am still not getting any notifications on the screen of missed calls or messages received. Is this an issue that you are aware of? Is there something I can 'tweak' to resolve it? I'm sorry I can't be more specific (with details of my registry etc) but if you tell me what you need then I'll try and find it. I also apologise if this issue has already been covered in previous pages, but I couldn't spot it. Thanks a lot for your help, and a superb program (I've also put it onto my brother's C600 for him ;D) By the way, I have noticed this afternoon, that when connected to my pc using activesync the phone does seem to lock up quite frequently when the screensaver kicks in. The only way out of it is to take the battery out and this then resets the time to 12:00pm on 05/05/2005. You seem to have a fix for just about everything, can you sort this out too?!
  14. Good news :) Thanks for the info and such a quick reply
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