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  1. I'm interested too in beta testing... if there's still room I'm available :P
  2. Hi Paul, did you find something interesting in the korean update? Still waiting to know what was the LG screw-up :P
  3. can you post also the prebake? thx PS: anyway, i'm curious, what was the screw-up you found in LG sources that was slowing the phone so much and made you LOL? Be techie as you want.. i want the details :unsure:
  4. Hey P, Korea got an update from LG... maybe it's the update they told here http://www.facebook.com/notes/lg-mobile-gl...221518191192842 If it can be of any use ... :unsure: Here's the xda topic of the update http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1082705
  5. Are you using the vanilla version of the rom?
  6. hi, FM radio works fine to me, and this morning i snoozed the alarm by flipping the phone :) Anyway, to use the snooze gesture you have to keep the phone with the display up and flip it to snooze. If the phone is with the display facing down, flipping it won't snooze the alarm. By the other side... anyone knows if the double tap gesture to play prev/next song (music app) is supposed to work with the screen off or with the music app running in background? (mine work only when the screen is on and the music app is visible) I'm running Fr12
  7. Hi, I just read that NVIDIA stopped the support to Tegra 2 on Harmony platforms. Does this affect us, or the Optimus 2X runs on a different platform? (this question may not have sense) I'm very noob about Tegra devices so, if someone can give me some quick info about the existing platforms (harmony, ventana,..) I would be very grateful. Thanks
  8. LG is investigating the problem but no replies yet. About the warranty, i'm not sure but if you reflash the stock radio/ROM/whatever they won't be able to know if you flashed something else on the phone
  9. Hi, i've read a similar issue on the LGItalia Facebook page. The user that reported this issue says that the problem is triggered when in 3g mode you are using both data and voice: if the signal is poor and data connection unstable, the phone tries to switch to 2g and, instead of switching off data connection and keeping voice connection, it crashes blocking the phone functionality.
  10. eheh just one more thing... can you put your source files on a public repository? It would be very helpful to understand your mods and start from there thanks
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