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  1. Hi Keramidas I think I have a similar problem with my Samsung Galaxy - when I verify my backups everything is ok apart from 1 error as follows WiFi Access Points Error with DATA backup When I look in /data/misc/wifi the .conf file is called bcm_supp.conf. Is this why I get this error? On another topic, I have CardioTrainer installed and when I backup, this always took a few minutes to backup. Today it was updataed to 2.2.0 and when doing a batch backup it seemed to get stuck on CardioTrainer so I interrupted it, backed up all other applications and then tried backing up Cardio on its own. It eventually finished the backup but took 7 minutes to do so. I was used to TitaniumBackup being fast so I'm puzzled why this app always takes so long. Any ideas? If you need any log from me, please let me know. Cheers Stan
  2. Hi Keramis OK followed option 2 - deleted and backed up again and now verification shows no errors! Thanks Stan
  3. Hi Keramidas While looking for a backup to send you I discovered that all 17 (each failing twice) were apk.lzop files created between 09/01/10 and 11/01/10. Since then all other apk files are actually apk.gz and these don't error! So do you still want me to send you the files you asked for above or should I 1) delete all apk.lzop files and back them up again?r 2) or do I need to also delete the tar.gz and properties files associated with them then back them up? Cheers Stan Edit None of the files were zero sized
  4. Thanks for the quick response and yes that does clear up the ~26! Anyway I upgraded busybox to 1.15.3 (had 1.15.1 before). I backed up my apps again and verified and got the same 34 error notifications!
  5. Hi Keramidas Tried the verifier and got 34 errors but no reason as to why they are in error apart from the message 'Error with APP backup' and the date and time of the backup. (Actually 17 errors because it verified 2 backups of each app which had been backed up on different dates and failed them both). Anyway some background: I have a Samsung Galaxy running GalaxoRom 1.1 using 1.5 I backed up all user apps + system data (running apps will be auto-ended) - 100 apps None of the apps were running at the time of the backup except TasKiller and NetCounter. Backup seemed successful but verification showed 34 errors as mentioned above. Here is a list of the apps in error The list of failed backups are APN Backup & Restore 1.3 AppManager 0.5 Barcode Scanner 3.1 Car Finder 1.5 Compass 1.0.12 Documents To Go 2.003 Documents To Go Full Version Key 2.003 Free Dictionary Org 1.2 Handcent SMS 2.8.5 Layar 3.0.3 NetCounter 0.12 Notes 0.9.0 OI File Manager 1.1.1 Opera Mini 4.2 Signature Beta 0.1.2r3 TasKiller 1.8.1 Free Voice Search 1.3 One query I've had for a while is when I go into Batch Backup I can see the following Backup all user apps (running apps excluded) -26 Backup all user apps (running apps will be auto-ended) 29 Why does it show minus 26 for the first option? Cheers Stan
  6. Hi Paul On Win 7 X64, when I launch installAPK I get a continuous waiting icon. Launching Task Manager shows that the application installAPK is running but it never actually opens up and when I click on the processes tab in TM I can see it is just continually spawning more and more processes. I've tried to kill the processes but it is launching new ones faster than I can kill them so I end up rebooting my PC. I'll try re-installing when you release your update and let you know what happens then. Cheers Stan
  7. Hi Keramidas Look forward to the update and have now donated. Thanks for your great work.
  8. Hi Keramadis I've just installed 2.2.4 on my Samsung Galaxy and it seems to be working fine, though I have one query. What does the Explore button do? When I click on it nothing changes from the Backup/Restore screen; should I be seeing something else? An option I would like to see would be to list only user files or only system files (i.e. select by colour/type), so it is easier to see that all user files are backed up. I think this a great app and I went went on the droidforums thread intending to donate but I can't see a Donate button there yet.
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    Yes, it does look nice Paul, but what happens if you need to return it for any reason or if you want to sell it when the next big thing comes out? :)
  10. scollie

    ROM GALAXO & GALAXHERO - Hero in your Galaxy!


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