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  1. Just spotted that Orange have got £25 on Topcashback when purchasing pay as you go phones As the phone is £130 (inc. £10 credit), it will bring the price down to £105 (after cashback)!! Looks like a bargain to me and I've never had any problems with Orange tracking
  2. Even better, go through http://www.topcashback.co.uk/orange/ and get £25 cashback bringing it down to £105 (with £10 phone credit)
  3. Tried 2 cooked ROMS on my GS2 and both failed to boot after installation. I was stuck with the Galaxy S II startup logo The 'Gr5-update-modacocustomrom-galaxys2-core' one seemed to work fine. Any ideas why that would be? Edit All working fine now, I flashed the cooked ROM over the 'update' and it seems to work
  4. Check Settings to see if Flash is enabled in browser
  5. I can't seem to install it (Using rooted KE2) It seems to hang on 'Installing Google Video Talk' after I've given it Superuser permission
  6. http://opensource.samsung.com/reception/re...archValue=I9100 Mirrors: http://www.multiupload.com/VBBOU38P6F Enjoy!
  7. Anyone know if it's possible to backup the app drawer layout?
  8. I'm really stuck with the flashing process. I've followed your guide to a tee, but I've got the Sales Code appearing still as O2U. Furthermore I've checked in Kies and it's showing blank next to Current Firmware Version (see attachment) I've even tried reflashing the O2 firmware and then following the steps again, but to no avail The strange thing is that the phone appears to be rebranded (startup screen and no O2 branding), but this isn't reflected in Kies or in the *#272*....# menu Any suggestions would be most grateful Edit Forgot to mention that when I revert back to the O2 firmware it gets recognised by KIES
  9. Quick newbie question: If I were to do this, would I be able to revert back to the O2 Factory ROM (warranty purposes)?
  10. I'm pretty sure ebay will be flooded with them from China for a couple quid, within the next couple of months
  11. True, but O2 give a 14 day money back guarantee, so if it doesn't track during this time you can just cancel the contract. Mine tracked today after being ordered on Friday
  12. Get the HTC Desire at a ridiculously low price If my calculations are correct it will cost only £160 over the course of 24 months. The full details are on the HUKD Thread But in brief: 24 month O2 contract paying £10.50 (+£3 data package) = £13.50pm (£324) - £91 Cashback through Topcashback - £3 data package (ability to cancel after one month) = around £6.67 per month (£160 in total)
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