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  1. Thanks, rhen! I've already done the first tips you mentioned but I didn't try your last tip yet, it sounds like it's worth a try! One more issue I have is that for long time now whenever I try to clear cache, the phone says it's clearing the apps' caches but after it finishes it always reports 0.00B memory freed, strange thing :blink: Same happens when I try to clear cache of any specific app, it seems like it's impossible to delete the cache :-/
  2. Yes, I mixed them up, sorry! Let me rephrase it then, any tips on how to clear more space for the internal storage on a non-rooted device? Except for uninstalling apps? ;) Sorry again for the mix-up!
  3. Well now I'm confused again because: From my experience rhen is right, having "just" 100 MB of RAM has an obvious impact on ability to install new apps... BTW, is there any better way of making more free RAM space except for deleting the apps' cache and/or data? Like, identifying larger temporary/unneeded files in a file explorer and deleting them (although for that I'd probably need root access)... Thank you all for the input! :)
  4. No, I'm also talking about it... Unless I'm mistaken about non volatile storage space being the internal 2 GB of memory...
  5. Wow, that's a totally new piece of information for me, thank you! Never read anything about it... Is that precisely a 100 MB limit and on all devices? That would explain similar problems I had with a tablet...
  6. Hi, I can't update or install new apps on my 2 years old Huawei G300, it says there's insufficient memory even though there's over 100 MB free RAM, and gigabytes of free space on the 16 GB SD card and the internal memory (2 GB). It seems to be a known Android issue but I couldn't find a working solution. :-/ I'm running the 4.0.3 version (officially updated from 2.3 over a year ago), never rooted it (perhaps that's the mistake ;)) Please help me out... :mellow:
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