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  1. And lose the reception? Mine is arriving today though. I have had it with another phone as well. I have returned that one and got the Tytn II instead.
  2. w00t topic 2 ;) http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-hero...g-its-official/
  3. But there are nice gmail widgets available. eg. is the http://nl.androlib.com/android.application...enger-zmmq.aspx
  4. That's true. But there must be a way to edit it also on the phone itself. I can't ask my admins to change the policy for two ppl. Just like winmo where it could be disabled through a hack. I guess it can be changed. Anyone know how?
  5. It is now a "closed" "beta" http://translate.google.com/translate?js=y...sl=ru&tl=en
  6. Exactly my point. I hope Paul reads it. That is why i mentioned that 3.2 was closed as well. But I think he somehow read over it.
  7. You should look at xda.... Mr munkozz isn't happy with me finding his rom
  8. About the overclocking yeah. I'm not that much of a tech guy. But i thought the whole overclock thing wasn't working. He did release it as a nandroid :D. I'm just the one that found this rom don't shoot the messenger :D
  9. I'm reverting back very quick coz My opinion is that this pretty much nothing new. Prove me wrong :D
  10. grassiekuik

    Which ROM?

    Install the minfree app from the market after that you don't have to worry about closing things manually
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