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  1. wow! ever since i bought my samsung omnia pro,ive had the usual samsung touchwiz etc .. but then it all crashed,so i installed spb shell. and...WOW! suddenly its ALOT faster! earlier i had about 7 mb free.. now i have AT LEAST 60 mb free at all time! its hilarious! so .. to every one who wonders what best shell (or something) is...try spb shell.. it works alot better than the other crapwiz .. o.o
  2. exactly. i got the Remote Desktop 6.5 working,and i can see the whole screen on my pc --> on my phone. BUT,as stated,its very hard,and irritating to get it working,like tring to drive a tank in a candy store (or something lol)
  3. remote dekstop works,but then you have to allow remote access,have password on your logon etc, for me,teamviewer pc to pc works brilliantly,just a password and youre ready to go. would LOVE something like that on my windows mobile,to be able to easily control my home pc from it
  4. Teamviewer for windows mobile / alternative? would LOVE something like that on my windows mobile,to be able to easily control my home pc from it
  5. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrr.. i downloaded the newest FSCPEE whatever its called..but it was the same user interface as earlier versions.. but when i check the new documentation on the website,there's a whole new better user interface.. whats up with that?
  6. i have the default ROM,i dont want to play around with different unstable rom's etc,so its the latest default Rom. in my phone,when i push the "close call" button/powerbutton,the program usually closes,it has happened that its sometimes on,despite not being seen as on in the default task switch program :/ i see now that when i start my phone it was 50mb ram
  7. how much ram do you have? mine is usually at 17-10-0 ram,sometimes i cant open the camera "because it needs 10 mb ram to open" etc.. is there a way to fix this?
  8. i want the cabs too! please pm me the upload link ;D
  9. this has been a problem ever since i got it almost a year ago now.. when i write on the screen,often the t9 looses my wordlist and instead of writing for example "often" it goes "ggjjggfgt". the other thing is what the topic says, when i write with the psychical keyboard,the letters is very slow..is there a way to speed things up?
  10. i dont know if its only my mobile but, when i try to use my phone as a recorder in meetings etc,it either hangs the phone after a while,or it crashes or stops recording or whatever. it has happened on several occasions! or is it that i use the memory card to save the files? does anyone have any tips? or any tips on GOOD recording program for WM ? ive tried google but..uh.
  11. Grrr...i've had two very important meetings this last week,and both times i tried to record them with the recorder. both times the phone totally crashed,it was only after i opened the back and took out the battery that it restarted. i was SO mad and angry afterwards. Illustration --> :P has any of you come across that problem? it totally sucks... or is there any other app for recording on the Omnia pro / windows mobile 6.5 ?
  12. Lame? Dont understand troll-languages,sorry. thanx for the link/tips!
  13. Are there any notepad applications for windows mobile? its tedious starting the mobile office word all the time.. sure you can open a new sms and saving it but.. yeah..is there any basic notepad applications?
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