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  1. mmm ok now almost works fine on this rom....there will be in the near future support for official cyanogenmod? thx for all your hard work on this device :D
  2. thx zorginho!! well, at this point i think it's better wait for dario ones :D thx! i have tried a cm7 and miui but IMHO the fastest and complete one it's cm6.1....damn ipv6 goggles problem and for me no way to have a 2.3.4 market working on this rom....
  3. sorry guys but i don't understand how to put chocolate kernel on CM 6.1 :D can someone explain step by step how to do it? Thx!
  4. yep it's ok ..but what about SD?? i read only "camcorder does not work/missed calls/unread message light does not work"
  5. mmmm i don't understand....the bugs are fixed or not? 'cos here topic #4 http://android.modaco.com/content/acer-liq...2-3-for-liquid/ truecolor say that he already fixed wifi/bluetooth/camera....???
  6. Hi elgubbio, are you talking about v1.3.18? Because goggle works fine for me with this ROM .
  7. i think it's related to 2g network and 3g network, i'm in italy and for example about the "3 operator" i see only if i search 3g, if i switch to 2g this one disappear. so if u have enabled automatic carrier with 2g and 3g show twice if u select only 2g shown just 2 g network.
  8. thx for the great work! a lil question, need to apply both patch or just the latest one 1.2.13 ?
  9. hey roggin! how's? just one question about the rom roggin CM (froyo) and this gingerbread one, the gingerbread will be the only supported rom in the future?
  10. as always great work guys!!! just a question....there will be the hope to get this rom officially supported by Cyanogen (like the devices in the cyanogenmod site)?
  11. yep....i wish....gingerbread....from twitter..."What I meant is that the community got fresh AOSP Gingerbread on Nexus One & Nexus S.".....for xmas Liquid too thx Santa roggin!!! :)
  12. yep i agree koud, but if i'm not wrong i heard that for the nexus one and some other devices there is the problem with finger rotation O.o
  13. hello guys, are u able to install new google maps 5.0.0 from the market in this rom? i can't..... say something like pack not valid...when i try to install o.O ok uninstalled previous version reinstalled the new one and now it's fine!
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