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  1. dude wait a day or so... we aint trolling tis forum part, just have a lil patience
  2. the beta is still in creation... Almar and..... BSBSBS are working on it. en its NOT YET released
  3. with my CSC i can do all.... did you guys tried mine CSC?
  4. ill upload my CSC that worked for me Edit : here CSC B7610XENIK4
  5. how big is the file... i have the nb0 and it says its 25kb ... :rolleyes:
  6. Found the solution GNick... You need to reapply another CSC, try searching for another CSC
  7. i said something like whats app :rolleyes: i ment ping like communicating with BB and Iphones'
  8. i need some ping software like Whatsapp for WIndows Mobile any1 knows if that is available?
  9. I have the same problem when i want to type ":" I get ";" very weird... I Have.. PDA: B7610NXXJC2 CSC: B7610NXEEJC2 Telephone: B7610XXIK1 what doe i need to change?
  10. still got the problem of the wrong alt buttons.. any1 knows how to fix this?
  11. no one has a reply / answer on my post?? how can i change my keyboard. the fn buttons are switched
  12. Hello all,, i STILL have problems with my keyboard layout... could some1 explain how i can change my keyboard layout? de FN buttons arent completely on the right buttons Its making me mad...
  13. does that explain why my : is on the key of the ; ?? if so, whats the extension of the radio file; CSC??
  14. Can any1 help me with my problem? the lay out of my keyboard is wrong :huh:
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