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  1. Hi guys. I have jut received notification of an available update to my phone, and I have taken a nandroid backup and attempted to update. This failed and left me in recovery (CWM). I then tried manually updating using the .zip file from the download folder, but this left me stuck too. How can I apply this update? Thanks
  2. Thanks for that, but in the mean time I found this. http://tabletroms.com/forums/showthread.ph...very-Roms/page4 Not sure if it's the same as what you're working on, but it seems an option. I am downloading now.
  3. Having discovered terrible screen bleed on my unit I want to return it back to the shop for an exchange or refund. I have rooted the device and applied the MCR so I need to return it back to stock spec. Is there a guide on how to achieve this? Thanks.
  4. Tried Barnacle too, and although the pad sees it, it does not connect to the internet.
  5. Ok, so I just used VISIONARY to root my device and installed the WiFi Tether app. Started it up, and my iPad2 is not finding it. Where am I going wrong? Thanks
  6. Yes, I am well aware of google! Thanks for the other information though, especially the HTC Flyer, which I didn't know about. It's far too expensive though, right!? In fact so is the Galaxy 10.1, they are both more than the iPad2 which I think puts them out of the market.
  7. I am looking to replace me Vega that I had to take back, and now I'm after a replacement. I wasn't happy with the screen on the Vega or the sound quality through the headphones. What are my choices, and when are the Honeycomb tablets going to be out? Thanks in advance for any help. The 25th is only ten days away and if there is no decent looking Android tablets out (or close) by then, I will be buying an iPad2. I don't really want to, but if there is no alternatives that is what I will do. As I get answers (either from you guys or my own research) I'll put a list here. ASUS Eee Pad - April 2011? Motorola Xoom - Out Now HTC Flyer Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - 3rd April 2011
  8. I bought it when they were first launched. I am pretty sure you will be able to return at any point in the first year.
  9. Well, I am now tabletless. The store gave me a new Vega and it also had this issue. I dare say that they all have the problem. If you don't hear it, you aren't listening closely enough.
  10. I am going to be counting on this level of service today, as my Vega is going back because of a distortion issue with the headphone socket.
  11. I'm going into PC World today to do the same thing. I will also be checking the new one in store to see if the same fault exists, if it does I'm going for a refund too.
  12. I can only find one on XDA to have done this with "a bit of filing and longer screws"
  13. Is that possible? I've had this open and it appears to be very difficult/impossible to remove the screen. What would you recommend as a replacement screen?
  14. The poor viewing angles of the Vega is becoming a bit of a pain for me, and actually prevents me from using it on the odd occasion. If I am to replace it, what tablets have significantly better screens? Thanks
  15. TylerDurdenK


    I think that's normal.
  16. It's definitely not the headphones, I have tried several types and all have the problem. iPod headphones are notoriously bad, so you may have the problem but just can't hear it.
  17. Thanks for that. please let us know how you get on. I might be forced to take mine back. I'm sure PC World will leave me bereft of my tablet for a while, trying in vain to sort the issue!
  18. Well, I installed CYanogen ROM and tried to access some of the DSPPlayer settings, but it kept FC'ing on me, so I am none the wiser.
  19. Yeah, it's pretty hard to hear on most types of music, sorry to hear you're suffering but also glad I'm not the only one. Have a listen to that Adele You Tube video on two different devices to confirm it is a Vega issue. I'll try the Cyanogen ROM and report back. Thanks for the input.
  20. Thanks for your efforts. Just tried Rock Player (I already tried Poweramp to no avail) I have found the Player Mode option to enable or disable Hardware Decoding, but neither setting gets rid of the distorted sound. As far as being able to hear it if it's there, if you listen to this - - it's Adele's Turning Tables. It's bad on my Vega, but on anything else sounds great. You will probably need to do this kind of A-B testing to be sure.
  21. Just to add. i have just installed the stock Advent 1.09 ROM and the issue still remains.
  22. Is this the second machine you have had. I thought you were getting yours replaced?
  23. Thanks for getting involved, and for the new idea on what may be causing the issue. Just tried Adele's "Turning Tables" which I also have in MP3 (High Quality VBR) stored locally on the Vega. I played it in 2Player, Mortplayer and Lithium. All three players have the same issue. :huh:
  24. Yeah, that sounds like what I hear too. It's like the mid and upper frequencies are distorted (like a speaker being driven too hard), the bass not so much.
  25. Try reading the stickies. Start with this one - http://android.modaco.com/content/advent-v...online-kitchen/]
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