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  1. Hello Jackyaway, what for suffix and nation code did you use?
  2. Hi, which eboot and phone version you suggest for this ROM?
  3. Hello KSTAN, thank you for the reupload but it can't be unzipped. Can you check it please. I tried with 7z and it doesnt work. I get the error messag "can not open file"
  4. I also tried SECANY ROM and I flashed all parts. After that, I tried also 4 different ROM's with the eboot from SECANY's ROM without any problems.
  5. If the omnia has HID profile you can use it. Check this website http://www.freedominput.com/shop?page=shop...p;category_id=6 "HID Profile - Used for connecting to Symbian and Windows Mobile Smartphones. Can also be connected to many HID compatible devices which have keyboard support such as Playstations 3's, Netbooks, Laptop's and PC's."
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