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  1. Same here waiting for nigella ... a bit frustrating. I'm used to the kitchens working fine but didnt bake for a while now.. now i need Id quick and it does not work.. Seems that I have to get the prebake and do the rest manually! Hope the ktichen will be back soon. Aspi
  2. Hi Well.. i use the Kernel: [email protected] Baseband VersionI9250XXKK6 And yes I use a special App:CPU Tuner and this app is set that when my phone is in Screen off mode it only connects 2G and not 3G. But CPU tuner allows a lot of stuff.. You can switch on/off pretty much everything (Wifi, 3G etc.) or Change CPU Frequency and governor depending on the state of the phone (battery, screen ect) This app saves a lot of battery for me.. Because i'm in areas where there is a lot of Change between 3G and 2G wich is consuming battery like hell.. With CPU Tuner it stays on 2G as long as I dont use the phone. (because I configured it to behave like this) Greez Aspi
  3. I got epic battery life using this rom. Now 16 hours unplugged... 30 streaming with spotify over 3G...5 calls.. Some searches...some engadget reading ...and now modaco browsing ...all in all average use... Pushing 2 gmail and an exchange account.tapatalk notifications and g+ And still on 70% amazing... Aspi
  4. So if i got it right.. it's not worth trying this on a 4.03 Rom yet... right? working on 4.02 and 4.01 ... ist that correct? Regards Aspi
  5. Hi M8's, Can anyone check this out for me to know if its a problem only I have: I get ForceClose if I go to "Settings"-> "Accounts and Synchronisations" and there I chose "add account" Only my Problem or general Problem? Regards Aspi
  6. No Battery removal required in most cases it is enoght to push "Power On" + "Vol Down" and "Trackball".. usually the Phone reboots imediatly.. But in this state: Just keep those 3 Buttons hold for longer.... 30 Seconds or so ....(and or try multiple times) .... then the phone will reboot without Battery Pull. I'm Confident, that paul will find a solution to this problem. Regards Aspi
  7. Hi All... I just found that the car app is not reacting on rotating the phone. So if I want to use my phone in the car and use I'd widescreen-like it does not work. Also if put in car dock it should start the car app automatic and connect to Bluetooth of car-dock too... but this is not as annoying as the rotate behaviour. Regards Aspi
  8. Whenever i flash a rom.. of these r21 22 or23 i loose half of my images on sd card.. no mater in what directoryx they are.. annoying! Phpotos and also cover images of my music.. very strange.. mp3 files stay untouched but jpegs dissapear.. but not all of them.. hmmm Regards Aspi
  9. Not even this is really correct. Its not two Points.. its only 4 Coordinates. Nexus One Digitizer supports Detection of: 2 X-Coordinates and 2 Y-Coordinates. Wich X corresponds to wich Y is not monitored by the hardware it is guessed by software. Good Demonstration for this issue: Nexus One and also Desire are not Multitouch Capable they are only PinchToZoom Capable. Regards Aspi
  10. Hi M8, Are you sure you dont have an iPhone? Bacause the Nexus One can play Flash Videos..and the iPhone cant. Regards Aspi
  11. Dear m8's, Here is my report.. Im using Radio: I flashed the latest IntersecRaven Kernel over it: http://www.mediafire.com/?nu2ijzk5d2ym2yz From here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=723373 So far it seems to be working better than 22.1. - FM is working almost perfect.. (Well Reception is not very good) But I can Scan Frequencies and listen to all I want.. No problem. Still some stragne behaviour an crashes sometimes.! - WiFi is more Stable than with 22.1 where I lost connectien every once a while. - Switching between Wifi and G/3G/H is better and woirking well. - Everything is faster - Shutdown is faster in 22.1 sometimes did not shut down at all Great! Regards Aspi
  12. You should read bevore You Talk. Some stuff needs to be fixed... then we'll get an update. Aspi
  13. must be something else you do.. because.. for me batterylife is very good. Better than stock-rom. Aspi
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