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  1. When I try to access "Accounts & Sync" phone reboots?
  2. There is one. Audio player WithEQ. It is not free though.
  3. I'm pretty satisfied to sound quality. There is enough base with decent headphones. I have tried with Shure e2c and with Shure SE310. Both are kicking very nicely with liquid.:D
  4. I have also problem like that with Spotify after I flashed to Maxisma's ROM (Might be also problem with 2.000.16-ROM..). When I get notification, sound begins to play also from internal speaker.
  5. Touchdown works (Tested and confirmed by myself =) and it's hands down the best email app but unfortunately it's not free. 19,99$
  6. You need adb for this only if you have (if I remember correctly) 2.xxx rom which don't allow you to enter bootloader mode by pressing Camera+Power. But in any case it is better to install adb (Comes with Android SDK) and usb drivers. Also Liquid-specific drivers must be installed. (Can be found from Drivers-thread at top of the forum) "fastboot" which is mentioned at parts 5. and 6. is windows executable. You can get this by downloading Paul's Superboot. That file is named superboot-windows.exe in that package. So put this downloaded rom and modified superboot in same folder with superboot-windows.exe and also all dll-files in Paul's Superboot package, install usb drivers, enter into bootloader mode. After that run windows command prompt (Win-button + R --> cmd --> ok), navigate to folder where you have put all those files and then follow instructions at parts 5.-.7. Hope this helps. If you have problems PM me in Finnish and I can help you out. =)
  7. For some reason I still got 3 homes. 5 balls at bottom of the home screen but only 3 homes are working.
  8. For some reason I still got 3 homes. 5 balls at bottom, just 3 homes working.
  9. Thanks Maxisma! Very sharp looking mod! Also I love finally getting rom which don't require complete wipe!! =)
  10. Flashed to 2.000.16_EMEA_GEN1 and after that headphones are not working. Had to roll back to 1.008...
  11. Please use spaces around that < app.apk > or else forum software will interpret that as tag. Or then use code-tags around that line. Very dangerous, as we have seen to put in tutorial, command that can destroy whole /system/app directory. Same as some one made linux-tuto and tell to input rm -rf * and only tell in some other step that you shouldn't do this at root directory while logged in as root. =)
  12. No prob. I had to restore from Nandroid-backup few times before I figured this out.=)
  13. Had the same problem... Fixed it by resetting APN to the default settings and then adding my operators APN again. My operator don't have own network btw so Liquid thinks I'm always roaming. Wonder if there is anyway to fix this...
  14. 5 screens + currently Acer Widgets for Media and bookmark browsing
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