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  1. I'm not sure... but that was well over a month ago, and the last update was released over two and a half months ago. Perhaps Paul will surprise us. :)
  2. I reckon it's an abandoned project at this point, which we all knew could (or would) happen - as it's clearly stated in the first post: "By providing this ROM I am not guaranteeing that future updates will follow."
  3. CM 10.1 stable is out. Any chance to see Modaco updated? :D
  4. I wouldn't worry. He's currently online. :D
  5. Yeah, I'd really like to see an update too. :) How soon is 'soon'?
  6. The current build in the kitchen is rather ancient at this point. It's quite stable though! And yes, you are correct, it means 'release candidate' and is RC builds of Cyanogen we are referring to. :)
  7. I'll settle for anything at this point, I just want to flash a Modaco ROM. :D
  8. I also really, really hope for a RC1 kitchen soon! Can't wait...
  9. I'm not sure exactly how it's working, but it integrates with the system settings. Most likely possible to remove quite easily though. Also, if it was possible to make it a kitchen option it'd be even easier! :)
  10. I can second the issues with gesture typing. It just doesn't work. Also, Paul, thanks for changing the keyboard over! And like The Soup Thief, I would also really like to see koush's Superuser app integrated. It feels so much better than SuperSU and the old Superuser!
  11. I could, but they'll be restored the next time I update. But cheers, I'll do that for now. :)
  12. Hello Paul. To start with, excellent work on this ROM as always. Been using your stuff since the Hero was new. :) Anyway, was just wondering if you could make it a kitchen option to exclude all Google apps as I like to flash Banks' minimal package. Alternatively, is it difficult to get rid of the stuff I don't want? Last question: how comes the keyboard in this ROM differs from the normal Cyanogen keyboard? Theirs have lots of shortcuts on the keys. Sorry for the terribly noob questions, I've just never actually done any mod work myself. :) Cheers!
  13. Jub Fequois

    Battery life?

    I'm also using Franco's kernel. With it, I have to charge my phone every three to four days. Granted, I'm at home a lot so I don't always use the phone and I don't play games on it, but still, having come from an iPhone 4S I find the battery life amazing.
  14. Jub Fequois

    Any news on 2.1?

    And HTC are just Wanking their c...

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