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  1. Hi there, I wanted to let you know the application I made with a friend, it is called lclz.in (Play store link). We created it because the end of Google Latitude and the lack for such app. Lets explain it with a real use case, I want to meet my friend at an open air music festival with a lot of attendees. The classic way of doing it is calling him, but with the heavy music we will barely understand each other, plus it will be difficult to describe where we are to meet. That's where the application will help : you select the contact you want to meet, it sends a SMS (or use the share dialog) requesting its location. The text contains a link to a site allowing any decent smartphone (even iOS/Blackberry/Windows Phone) to geolocalize him. Once done, you will get a notification on your phone displaying him on a map ! That's the beginning of the app, we've got a full backlog of ideas for the upcoming releases. Meanwhile, feel free to install, use, and tell what you would have loved to see in it. Regards,
  2. Just a little topic to thanks every one involved in Liquid MT community, I have bought a Nexus S and going away from this great device. It's for sell 130€ if anyone is interested in... C YA Guys !!
  3. I am not reducing the amount of work done by lens ;)
  4. Sorry guys but I don't like this begging for donation thing, we've seen in many communities things going very bad using this "donate me" mecanism. Hope you'll reach what you need...
  5. If you try to do a2sd install in terminal emulator or adb shell does it work ?
  6. Do you think it could be it is just misconfigured ?
  7. Do you plan to github this ? What are the issues with data ?
  8. a2sd seems not working, a2sd install tells me the card is not mounted but /sd-ext is well mounted a2sd check output Block Device - [✔] none Mount Point - [✔] /sd-ext Support EXT2? - [✔] Yes Support EXT3? - [✔] Yes Support EXT4? - [✔] Yes Apps - [ ] Regular directory. [ ] No Apps2SD Flag File not found. [✖] Programs runs from Int. Storage. Setup issue. Run a2sd repair to fix. Private Apps - [ ] Regular directory. [ ] No Apps2SD Flag File not found. [✖] Private Programs runs from Int. Storage. Setup issue. Run a2sd repair to fix. Dalvik Cache - [ ] Regular directory. [ ] Dalvik to /cache flag file not found. [ ] Dalvik to SD flag file not found. [✔] Dalvik runs from Int. Storage. To run from SD card, type a2sd cachesd. To run from /cache partition, type a2sd cachepart. Data - [ ] Program Data on Internal Storage. Swap - [ ] Partition not present or no swap support. [✔] Swap does not start. ZipAlign - [✔] Not running at boot. To activate it, type a2sd zipalign Dalvik Heap(MB) - [✔] 64m Low Memory Killer Settings - [✔] 1536,2048,4096,6144,10240,12288 a2sd install ouput [ ] GetProp Command = /system/bin/toolbox getprop [ ] SetProp Command = /system/bin/toolbox setprop [ ] Mount Point = /sd-ext [-] Checkpoint 6: Insert CyanogenMod patch. [-] Checkpoint 7: Complete Dalvik Cache Move (if applicable). [-] Checkpoint 8: Resetting Dalvik Cache Partition [-] Checkpoint 9: Switching Davlik Cache to Cache Partition (if applicable) [-] Checkpoint 10: Checking for existence of command parameter [-] Checkpoint 11: Check for a2sd help command [-] Checkpoint 12: Check for a2sd check command [-] Checkpoint 13: Display version information. [ ] Starting Darktremor Apps2SD Version Beta 4a [-] Checkpoint 14: Check for filesystem support. [-] Checkpoint 15: Mount partition. [-] Checkpoint 16: Reset Dalvik if Flag File is present. [-] Checkpoint 17: Mount Swap. [-] Checkpoint 18: Display Heap Size. [ ] Heap Size set to: 64m [-] Checkpoint 19: Check for start parameter and launch start2sd if needed. [ ] Launching Apps2SD Start Program with install [ ] Starting Darktremor Apps2SD in install mode [X] SD Card not mounted. Cannot reinstall applications to SD card. Please notice that Link2SD works very well... am I the only one with this problem ?
  9. For the wifi issue on 3.0, a adb shell chown 1010.1010 /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant seems to set the correct permission, a reboot and it's ok...
  10. Damn, you're awesome, the day I just finished baking stock rom to my needs you release... Let's reinstall ;)
  11. I didn't keep the list with me, if you're comfortable enough with a shell, you can run a quick script comparing md5 of /system/app/*.apk between original and modded one. Then playing with adb remount and adb push you will be able to replace modded apps. I finally came back to stock rom, rooted, without stock crapware, link2sd and custom kernel flashed, it suits me better... Good luck ;)
  12. That's right, but you know how people are, and it's even worse in forums...
  13. Don't be angry man, I just tried to explain him what he gets. In my case 1% step was working very well, as I said you do a wonderful job ;)
  14. Great base rom and wonderful job with custom kernel. I just can't stand this blue and colors anywhere but it's not a big deal once affected apk are replaced by original ones. 1% battery step works great, but I think people refers to the battery indicator in the upper right corner which only display by 5%, if you install ZDBox for example, you will see the battery going down by 1% step (or in settings > about > battery level). The only thing I find lacking in this rom is a decent LatinIME.apk (the one from acer lacks several dictionnaries, French for example is just a copy paste of the English one...)
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