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  1. flashed it through Odin works like a charm
  2. too bad we cannot make the dualtouch move to switch to 3d
  3. i think you should install CyanogenMod 6.1 ROM
  4. it is special, because we get an update that is vector based which should result in GMaps being much faster
  5. i dunno it will work on the pulse, do you have it in the market as an update?
  6. here try this: http://android.modaco.com/content/t-mobile...e-owners-guide/
  7. yes i`ve seen this but i didnt know that it made such things. (noob) :) No problem bro, but only the icons are themed, as they come out (very shortly) i will try to theme them some more :) btw your custom rom rocks!
  8. what is the program and if optional how do we remove it? thanks
  9. Not yet :) "Gingerbread will be in AOSP soon after Nexus S ships. Future details will be sent to android-building."
  10. I have the same issue with AmonRa, after installing gapps even if i wipe everything after flashing a new ROM the gapps are still there
  11. hmm, works fine here...did you had gapps installed before flashing? What ROM do you use?
  12. yes its doable, will try it and let you know :) edit: here try this: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nyog0vzb8saw...lack-signed.zip i will update the GingerFroyo + Apps with this one and also some other apps EDIT: Updated zip with Calendar, Gmail, Talk
  13. hmmm, i dont think so. I think it has something to do with the framework but maybe someone else can throw some light on the subject? :)
  14. I thinks its the standard 2.2 browser just themed
  15. menijata mozes da gi smenis preku tema ili pak da si napravis tema sam dodeka za tastaturata, ima eden mal milion aplikacii tastaturi koisto mozes da gi najdes na market. Jas koristam SmartKeyboard. Pozz
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