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  1. Has anyone had any progress with Revue in UK? I was hoping that when the Sony box came out over here the UK TV providers would appear, but it still forces you to enter a ZIP code and only US providers are in the list. I'm enjoying Plex which now has remote control, and Able Remote but Able's voice channel control uses the channel list from the Revue, so it's not as useful as it could be.
  2. Ugh. Having problems with the 16GB Nexus. I don't want someone to decide how much storage I should have, nor overcharge me for it. SD card. Always. The Note 2 is my backup plan.
  3. 64GB? Oh no! I'd much rather they required an SD card slot. Onboard storage always pushes up the device price more than it should. I also disagree with "ability to disable 'custom UI skins'" - there should be NO custom UI skins allowed at all. Updates for current Nexuses come from Google, they use the devices internally for dev and therefore they're well tested and G just have to publish the build they're happiest with. If there are several different Nexus models which one will G work with? If firmware updates are supposed to come from each manufacturer then some of us will be left waiting. 'Nexus' as a brand doesn't mean anything to Joe on the street. It's not marketed. To us geeks it'll still be a 'brand', but sounds like it'll mean something different. We'll be left looking for another 'brand' to define 'the device Google are working with and will release updates for'.
  4. So why isn't the number of entries count going up? Mine is currently 10/10, where it has been for a few days now. It should be higher than that as I have tweeted almost every day since the beginning.
  5. Are we supposed to get an extra entry each day if we tweet each day? I'm not: each day it says I have 7/8 entries, do the tweet and it goes to 8/8, then next day it's back at 7/8 again?
  6. Try Widgetsoid, highly customisable and Paul did some stuff to keep it at the top of the Notifications list.
  7. hmm, maybe it can be backed up with Titanium? I'd have thought most people use Titanium anyway to backup app settings, save games etc. That annoys me though as space gets tight with nandroid and Titanium files on there at the same time... must remember to delete the Google Music cache first! I would hope that GM is clever and distributes 'pinned' files over your WiFi LAN if the application is running on a PC, it might not though. Dropbox does which allows for a fast resync.
  8. Mine rebooted overnight, it was on the SIM lock screen thismorning :-( Baked IR11 at about 9pm last night, default kernel, didn't tick any radio boxes so still on XXKK6. Did a full wipe from recovery before flashing. Titaniumed back apps but no system settings apart from Wifi and bluetooth pairings. IR10 has been rock steady on the same radio.
  9. As expected wiping just /cache + dalvik gave me the 'no Android UI elements' feature that has been reported. 'Kiosk mode' eh, Paul? ;-) Took the plunge and wiped, flashed a bake with circle mod, looking great thanks! On the default kernel, no radio option ticked so still on XXKK6 which seems good on T-Mobile UK. Wifi AP settings didn't automatically restore themselves from Google, I thought they should?
  10. Sounds like you're most of the way there... When asked for a zip code I think I entered 00000, it then brought up a list of providers, I think one of either Sky, Sky Digital or Sky Angel (?) were in that list so I chose one of them, next it offered a list of models and I think that had Sky HD in it. It's worked fine for me twice now and I think I chose different variations both times so give it a play and see how you get on. If you can't get it to work then reply and I'll go have a look at exactly which ones I chose. I said 'no' to the 'premium channels' question, we've got no listings anyway so I don't think that would make any difference. When it works you can press 'TV' on the top of the keyboard then 'Guide', the arrow keys, back, number keys etc. all operate the Sky box.
  11. Yup running the wizard fixes it, but when I reboot home is broken again! Is there a more permanent fix? Running Ir10 from kitchen but the home button problem only just started thisevening, Ir10 was installed a few days ago. I may (cough) have messed up settings.db so I deleted it, it's been recreated and seems OK.
  12. Ah, thanks, I thought I saw some sd-like-files go flashing past when it was backing up, will have to go investigate what's been put under /data/...
  13. When you do backup with clockwork recovery on the GN it includes the SD card directory, so do you need to ensure you have at least half of the 16GB total free? I don't, there's a large Google Music cache plus a lot of downloaded game data (e.g. Gameloft) so there's only 2-3GB free, maybe enough to include a 'normal' data image but not sdcard too. What are people doing in this scenario? Is there an option in Clockworkmod that I've missed? Or is there a way to get it to backup to a real SD card via USB-OTG? (I tried the mount USB item but it errored)
  14. Phone is nagging me about OTA, can I disable these? Would prefer to wait for the next MCR!
  15. Is there a changelog for firmware XWKK9? Seems co-incidentally close to ICL53F! In the notes for ICL53F it says it disables DivX, not that I particularly use it but the second I don't have it I'll suddenly need it - would you consider hacking this back in please Paul?
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