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  1. I have similar issue too. My phone have lost signal (air plane mode) serval times in last 10 min. I change sim card and do a factory reset but again same story. Im going crazy...
  2. Hi everyone, I need that pm too! Same problem :huh: thanks
  3. yes i do wipe data/factory reset, and after install i get the message "E:Cant find MISC:" but i ignore it
  4. Again the same. Is there perhaps some connection to that I could choose 19. APN type:intenet from the menu, and now I have to manually sign up edit: I solved the problem. Instead APN type: Internet should include the APN type: default
  5. My APN does not work. I checked the settings several times and still does not work. The same settings are working on version 1.5 (any ROM). Is there some connection with the error that appears at the end of the installation: E: Can not find MISC: edit: I use these settings 1. In the main menu click on Settings, enter 2. Then enter the wireless option controls 3. Enter the option option Mobile Networks 4. Then select the Access Point Names 5. Press the key that is left up to the OK button 6. Opens New options you APN 7. Name: Telenor GPRS 8. APN: interent 9. Proxy: 10. Port: 8080 11. Username: Telenor 12. Password: gprs 13. Server: http://wap.telenor.rs 14. MMSC: remains empty 15. MMS Proxy: left blank 16. MMS Port: left blank 17. MMC: 220 18. MNC: 01 19. APN type: Internet 20. Authentification Type: Normal (PAP) 21. Press the key that is left up to the OK button 22. Select Save. 23. Go back to the option Access Point names and select the created profile.
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