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  1. Have you changed any setting in extweaks to get that sort of battery life? I'd love to be able to get that sort of battery life. I have most things manual sync only emails are auto sync and I'm down to 70% in 4 hours with wifi off. I'm using siyah 3.1 rc6
  2. I removed the sense lockscreen on Villainrom because I prefer the flan lockscreen but there is one big problem I found with it, if you use the Alarm clock there is no way to turn it off as I found out at 4.30am this morning <_< I ended up having to turn the phone off to get it to stop! lol
  3. bobblot

    the flipclock

    Here is the logcat. I don't know how to do the other thing. logcat.rar
  4. bobblot

    the flipclock

    I've just tired using it on MCR3.2 Beta, but it's isn't working there isn't no clocks in the HTC widgets, which is a shame :D Great work though I've always missed the flip clock!
  5. I had the same problem a while ago, it wouldn't work through the stock messaging program either, What I found was when I updated the radio I didn't have the problem again so maybe try that?
  6. I can't find it either, I only find a sky sports app but I don't think it's official, thats on MCR 3.2 beta T-Mobile UK. Maybe it's just a 2.0 app?
  7. the Calendar is Pure Grid calendar it's on the market and the news/weather one is the genie widget 1.5
  8. Here's mine, nothing fancy Modaco 3.2 beta with black eclair 1.4 non sense.
  9. Does anyone have a mirror for the 2.1 link? I've been trying for over an hour to get Rapidshare working. Thanks!
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