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  1. EDIT EDIT EDIT: answered my own question. apps that are disabled do not require root access to KEEP them disabled. secondly, a reboot does not re-enable apps that have been disabled. just in case any one else was wondering. unfortunately, uninstalled - after INSTALLING this my phone was lag central. :) market downloads took over 5 minutes to begin downloading and I'm not exaggerating.
  2. I...CAN...NOT...WAIT edit: yes i can, but i don't want to :rolleyes: i want JIT and flash!
  3. any one else having issues with r22 constantly trying to sync your contacts? mine started syncing at 2:56 PM Mountain Standard Time, and the icon shows up now still at 4:29 MST. The sync has already completed...all my contacts and email, etc. are there. The icon just keeps on showing within the notification bar. :| A couple of other things: The r22 ROM defaults to some foreign language...had to manually configure it for English. Missing T-Mobile US APN. You can find the settings in this forum, or online. 3G...simply put...SUCKS. Patchy as all hell, does works some times but will fail out intermittently, but not before giving network errors or staggering for a few moments. The build it self is VERY smooth however. Excellent work Paul. I've seen other people having the 3G issues as well, but damn man...I'm in Tempe, AZ...I get great service other than 3G no matter where I am. Any insight? EDIT: APPS2SD+ is not working properly as far as I can tell. No secondary storage is showing under Settings > SD & Storage. Oh noes D:
  4. will the Enhanced MMS application be ported over for these ROMs, both MoDaCo's and Cyanogen's alike? that would be an excellent addition to the kitchen.
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