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  1. You have choosen the wrong drive type in the hex-editor, where you copied the 0170 hex byte!
  2. I am with you, but why no more information about possible timeshedule. Remember that Paul has already spoiled us. <_<
  3. And probably gaining a lot of experiance on how to proceed for the Hero when its 2.1 is officialy out. The gain from his experiance with the Nexus One and 2.1 will ONCE MORE give us the best possible ROM!
  4. 10£ I think you are much more greedy! How much have you given to this community.
  5. We dont pay you to self.slap! Use a professional if "in need" ! :D /Rune
  6. Found a cure to non or faulty respons from the HEROs sensors here This "cure" (possible) makes the keybord work in portrait AND landscape mode again. Thanks simms22. The only thing to change to make it work on my new GSM Hero was to replace the row rm /data/misc/akmd* /data/misc/rild* with the rows rm /data/misc/AK8973* rm /data/misc/rild* After that calibrate your sensors again. Good luck! /Rune
  7. I had/have the same problem. This is the help I got. Recovery 13-Dec-2009 RA-hero-v1.5.2 jmanley69
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