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  1. twu2, your rom is PERFECT... but I have am major issue: Sleep of death is back What I mean is that it happens quite often that the phone goes black and then I cannot bring it back in any way apart from removing the battery and putting it back. Also when it is "dead" if I connect it to the power cable it does not show the battery charging. I've followed all your instructions, cleared the memory more than once, deleted all content... but is still there. Any help? any idea on how to diagnose what's generating the issue?
  2. my pc crashed during flash. now when I power on the I8000 I just get the icon to conenct it to the PC. But what's weird is that if I connect it to the PC I hear contnuoisly the sound like it's disconnecting and I cannot flash it with Octans. any help ? Mf
  3. I have tried to choose the I8000ITVJD9,csc and I get this: [CSC] ----------------- Information of selected CSC ------------------ [CSC] Verision:[ÿÿÿÿ ÿÿÿÿ0si] [CSC] SupportLanguage 0x0:[0816] [CSC] SupportLanguage 0x1:[0416] [CSC] SupportLanguage 0x2:[0816] [CSC] SupportLanguage 0x3:[0416] [CSC] SupportLanguage 0x4:[0816] [CSC] SupportLanguage 0x5:[0416] [CSC] SupportLanguage 0x6:[0816] [CSC] SupportLanguage 0x7:[0416] [CSC] SupportLanguage 0x8:[0816] [CSC] SupportLanguage 0x9:[0416] [CSC] SupportLanguage 0xa:[0816] [CSC] SupportLanguage 0xb:[0416] [CSC] SupportLanguage 0xc:[0816] [CSC] SalesCode:[ÿÿ0si] [CSC] Priority:[0x10] when I try to download it breaks in the download process any help ?
  4. I downloaded the lates I8000NXXJD7 from Samsung Firmware. I installed everything from the file but when I enter in the device settings I get: PDA: I8000NXXJD4 CSC: I8000AMNJD7 PHONE: I8000NXXJD1 can you help me ?
  5. I just upgraded to I8000NXXJD7 and I discovered that under the options there is a tab for Assist GPS and not anymore for Xtra data. How should I configure it?
  6. I'm slightly confused. Does it exist an official 6.5.3 or 6.5.5 ? I'm right now I8000NXXJC1 which is the best latest ?
  7. I've tried to modify the Titianium but ended up in a mess. The Titanium Weather 4.2 is not able to download the radars (I get an error) and when I click on a day I get an error on Titanium Weather.exe The CComm does not appear I tried CHeroClock 0.1 but it does not appear. I'm quite depressed. How can I roll back to the original setup? I've tried to uninstall the CHome Editor but it did not reverted back to the standard. I usually install everything on memory card, I've tried even to install in main memory without any result. Can anyone help me ? Thanks, M
  8. thank you. It was not working for me. At the end the two working options I found are: 1) use GPS proxy version "Wsian's modified GPSProxy versions" 2.2c normal 2) use Franson.GpsGate.v2.6.Build.311 In no other case TT was working. M
  9. I have two problems: 1) TomTom quite never locks the satellites. Even if Google maps is able to lock in 10 sec , TomTom after 15 min is still not locked or even worst, sometimes after 5 min I get allt he sat but they remain all gray and at 0 power. I've tried all tricks, suggestions, bluetooth, 4800, 9600 etc... 2) I decided to use back my configuration with GPSProxy and TomTom. Always worked well on my i780 and on WM6.x With the omnia II the application shuts down automatically when I move to home or any other app, including TomTom. Thus it does not work. Anyone can help me? Mf
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