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  1. Does anyone has any idea with regards to the above? Please help me if anyone has any idea. Thanks in advance...
  2. Hi, Can anyone teach me how to set the touch calendar as default on the home screen? Many thanks...
  3. Sorry. My bad... Thanks again. Many, many thanks to sys_error. I've managed to get everything working B) W/out have to hard reset at all! :) It's all thanks to your guidance. And of course, oso many, many thanks to KC for cooking up such a wonderful ROM. Thank u again and looking forward to KC's future ROM.
  4. Thank you for your help. It's ok, i dun mind to hard reset to get the settings that i want. But may i know where can i get, Omnia_II_Neo_Titanium.CAB? Many thanks in advance...
  5. Thanks for the help. I'm sorry, but i dun see any Samsung threaded SMS. I flashed my Omnia 2 with, Eboot_I8000NXXJA5_HW_40.ebo(from Secany), I8000KC230905A_Lite.nbo(from KC), CSC_I8000XSOJA5.CSC, Phone_I8000XXJA3.bin(from Secany) Did i flash with any wrong files? If so, pls point out to me where and what did i do wrong... Many thanks :)
  6. Hi, to those whose using Chome Editor, does it works in this new ROM? For me, it doesn't seems to work... By the way, how to enable the threaded sms?
  7. Bro, me been trying to download this 'FreeRapid-0.83UI', but can't seems to find it anywhere. Possible to post the link here? Thanks a lot in advance. Me a newbie here.
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