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  1. PDA: XXIJ9 CSC: SOIJ2 PHONE: DXIJ1 3G ON, DATA ON: max 24h; 2G ONLY, DATA ON: max 36h; 2G ONLY, DATA OFF: max 48h.
  2. even with only 2G active, the battery doesn't last longer then 2 days, so I don't think 3G is the big consumption here. Even if you disable data...you won't get more then 2 days.
  3. does anybody have a bigger partition then 1 GB? Is it working with bigger partition?
  4. My benchmarks results are also right beneath Galaxy S, much better then Desire. Either the Desire score is wrong, or our Omnia is really powerful :P
  5. use dual boot software. You find couple of them if you read the help thread. You find the link on the first page.
  6. I think it has nothing to do with the WM Rom. I have stock WM and I use android from the first days. Everything is "voodoo magic", like you said. I tried Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, internal storage, SD, everything and after a couple of months of using android on my Omnia I can say that every thing comes randomly. I had no problem when installing every version, and after couple of days (with Froyo B1 more) I got freeze or SOD, or whatever. Then, every time I say I will be using WM until next beta comes out, but the next day I turn to android again :P and every thing runs perfect for couple of days more until it freezes again or I don't know what happens :rolleyes:. I hope the new release will come with more battery life, radio and the possibility to move the apps to SD and I see that the randomly problems are less and less now with every version thanks to the devs. Success!
  7. For people that have android on Internal Storage: are you guys able to move the applications to SD to free up memory? If yes, how? I tried with 10 applications...but I get always "cannot move".
  8. it is not working. It access the same Application Menu. Anyway it says: FAILED TO MOVE.
  9. does anybody know how to move applications to SD? I don't have free space anymore :unsure: I tried from the applications menu, but it is not working.
  10. I don't think there is any resistive screen with multi touch. Normally if you press a resistive screen in two points, the screen will act like you press on it in the middle of the line between the two points. But who knows... :unsure:
  11. IS ANYONE BEEN ABLE TO RUN ANDROID MORE THAN A WEEK? I was not able to run any beta version of Android, more then one week. After maximum one week I have to install it again or I get lots of freezes and SODs. Is it just me?
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