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  1. PDA: XXIJ9 CSC: SOIJ2 PHONE: DXIJ1 3G ON, DATA ON: max 24h; 2G ONLY, DATA ON: max 36h; 2G ONLY, DATA OFF: max 48h.
  2. even with only 2G active, the battery doesn't last longer then 2 days, so I don't think 3G is the big consumption here. Even if you disable data...you won't get more then 2 days.
  3. does anybody have a bigger partition then 1 GB? Is it working with bigger partition?
  4. My benchmarks results are also right beneath Galaxy S, much better then Desire. Either the Desire score is wrong, or our Omnia is really powerful :P
  5. use dual boot software. You find couple of them if you read the help thread. You find the link on the first page.
  6. I think it has nothing to do with the WM Rom. I have stock WM and I use android from the first days. Everything is "voodoo magic", like you said. I tried Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, internal storage, SD, everything and after a couple of months of using android on my Omnia I can say that every thing comes randomly. I had no problem when installing every version, and after couple of days (with Froyo B1 more) I got freeze or SOD, or whatever. Then, every time I say I will be using WM until next beta comes out, but the next day I turn to android again :P and every thing runs perfect for couple of days more until it freezes again or I don't know what happens :rolleyes:. I hope the new release will come with more battery life, radio and the possibility to move the apps to SD and I see that the randomly problems are less and less now with every version thanks to the devs. Success!
  7. For people that have android on Internal Storage: are you guys able to move the applications to SD to free up memory? If yes, how? I tried with 10 applications...but I get always "cannot move".
  8. it is not working. It access the same Application Menu. Anyway it says: FAILED TO MOVE.
  9. does anybody know how to move applications to SD? I don't have free space anymore :unsure: I tried from the applications menu, but it is not working.
  10. I don't think there is any resistive screen with multi touch. Normally if you press a resistive screen in two points, the screen will act like you press on it in the middle of the line between the two points. But who knows... :unsure:
  11. IS ANYONE BEEN ABLE TO RUN ANDROID MORE THAN A WEEK? I was not able to run any beta version of Android, more then one week. After maximum one week I have to install it again or I get lots of freezes and SODs. Is it just me?
  12. After about a week of really nice functionality, I finally have an SOD. The problem is that now, every time my phone goes to sleep, I have SOD and I have to remove the battery.
  13. I have a stock ROM and I have no problem running froyo from first day.
  14. After 2 days experience: - NO FREEEEEEZE :) - NO SOD :) - market working; - 3G working; - battery lasting...I think around 48h; - camera working; - wifi working; - I cannot access some folders. The file browser just close itself when I try to open this folder; - THERE IS NO RADIO :( It looks like I am the luckiest guy around here, my android is running almost 100%. If I can help with anything, just let me know. Congrats to the devs. If you could only make radio working, would make me very happy. P.S.: fresh manually install on my old ext4 partition on My Storage (1 GB).
  15. Installed manually on My Storage, on my old ext4 partition. I have no problem running android...from the start everything worked ok. Things that are not working - files icons are not showing (default android icon instead); - when I open some folders from my Storage, the file browser is closing; - there is no FM RADIO? (@DEVS); - some programs installation is not working or after install I cannot open them; Things that are working, at least for me: - gmail login; - market (download, install, etc); - quadrant score is amaising :) - I have been using it for a couple of houres and had no SOD, freez or restart; - time on the status bar changed correctly after couple of houres; - phone calls duration is ok using Call Light; this is all for now. The biggest problem is the missing of FM RADIO!
  16. after you insert all the APN settings, press the middle button and save.
  17. Hello, my files "o2b2update.tar.gz" are not updating anymore. Does anybody know how can I fix this back? Thank you!
  18. sorry. I refer to FM Radio. I put the 19.03 update again and seems to work now, even without keepscreen or lockguard.
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