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  1. Is this going to be added to the RSS feed? I use Feedly and it still doesn't seem to include this new podcast.
  2. I think you got a bit mixed up with 5s and S5 at 0:50! My Galaxy S3 takes about the same amount of time to switch on as the S5 in your video. I'd expect quite an improvement 2 generations on.
  3. Just read your review. Do you think that the "Duo" camera was worth the loss of optical image stabilisation? I'd expect that the biggest plus point of the good low light camera performance might be affected by the removal of OIS.
  4. No light or touch sensitivity on the back -- so this is the "old" Yotaphone that was originally announced February 2013? That's taken a while to come out! I saw reports of a new one at MWC 2014 that had a light and touch sensitive back, although not due until Q4 2014.
  5. I often use my Galaxy S3 with a smart dock plugged in to the TV with a PS3 controller using the Sixaxis app. It works pretty well, as the Sixaxis app allows mapping buttons and analogue sticks to touchscreen controls on a per-app basis. Additionally, XBMC and some games work natively with the controller (the only bad thing about XBMC on this device is that it can't output 5.1 -- likely a hardware limitation). It's quite disappointing trying to navigate most other apps though. While the Sixaxis mouse control does work with practically everything that only needs single touch (anything can be installed, of course, as the phone has a touchscreen so isn't limited in Play store), it's a bit clunky. There is a lot of variance in the Google apps and other 3rd party apps as to how a native controller functions. Many (most!) apps don't even let the screen scroll up/down using any of the direction controls. Another odd example would be the "Share" option for Hangouts. I select "Share" in an app, then I can use the D-Pad to select which app I want to share with. I select Hangouts with the Square button (mapped to "A" on a native controller), and it lists which Hangout accounts I can share with. I can scroll up and down the list with the D-Pad, but for some reason the controller button to select items won't select an item from this list with the Square button, and I have to click on it with the mouse instead. I'd really like to see more apps allow basic navigation with controllers without resorting to mouse emulation. Surely this would be required for Google TV and Android consoles, as well as potentially providing a basic fallback interface for small touch screens where you may not be able to touch individual elements (e.g. swipe up sends an "Up" command, tap sends an "A" command).
  6. Rafflecopter worked really well, good idea.
  7. A final official release hasn't been made for the Nexus One yet, and the Desire won't get an update before that.
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