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  1. sorry , led bug appear to my liquid again ?? how come?
  2. I try the Acer Download tools to update the liquid , after that , i try to root the machine ,but after rooted the machine ,the monitor didn't show anything but the software is still running , is that new rom need the other one superboot file ?? or i use the wrong step to install the rom ???? and now i use malez' recovery to root the machine and it work !!!! but after i install the eVil Eclair 1.9 zip but its no network ????
  3. when i calling by using fring , the silent icon are show on the top , i try to make the voice up but already max . or i flash the rom in the wrong step ????
  4. i using fring but is no sound when calling , is that any setting i need ? or wait for the upgrade ?(1.8 update file)
  5. is anybody play the game Shoot U! & Flight Director ? is those games have a black square ?? or my setting have problem ?? ;)
  6. as the topic ,can any one help me please ?? :)
  7. -Flash support -Android 2.0 or 2.1 rom -WiFi Tether app
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