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  1. Sorry for my english :P On a normal camera when you push the button, there nothing, it's when you release the button that the photo is taken Here it's when you clic, release has no effect
  2. How to activate it? please edit : sorry <_< Long press "123" touch
  3. Yes. I know, but I had a crash and reboot under 2mpx with photo For video, it is the Player who don't work "Je ne suis pas un malade imaginaire. :)" RedactionTv offer you a gift B)
  4. I just tried to shoot and play the video, played in phone apps is very bad and lag, but after upload on Youtube it's good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twI0Vr7ozV4 And problem of crash at the photo shoot, while the 2.0 r4 worked well Can I put another apps? Where is your paypal button? :)
  5. I prefer to have 2M camera on this ROM than 5M lag on HTC rom. I'm using this from 4days, its perfect !
  6. @jnwhiteh do you think you can fix GPS problem? It's a very good ROM the better I ever try, but without GPS it's a problem
  7. I have problem with english, Many little bug can be resolve if you reboot after first installation :) 2Mpixel work better than 3M on camera also
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