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  1. I guess not then?! Disappointing though as speech to text works well with Vlingo
  2. Dont know if its just me or if handcent doent have this functionality?
  3. Hi, I know these Apps arent perfect but could somebody please recommend one that they are happy with please? Thanks Chris
  4. Sorry but i have waded my way through most of the homescreen thread but cant find it. Can anybody help please? looking to down load pic and then use it via custom option on launcher Thanks
  5. Hi We have just taken out a contract with T-Mobile for my daughter (her first phone) and the free phone is the LG Optimus One. The LG has had decent reviews but I wondered what people thought about selling the LG and buying the San Fran? Would the hassle of the selling and buying of the phones be rewarded by a big performance payback or is there little to choose between the phones and we should stick with the LG? One thing to mention is that she is 11 yrs old so wont be doing much tecky stuff, wont be changing roms etc. Many thanks Chris
  6. Yeah taken out sim, sd card and battery. Just put phone and battery lose in rice bowl. Hope it works as still love this phone. Had it less than a year so dont know if i would get away with repair under warranty?!
  7. Out mountain biking today and phone in its case, in rucksack got slightly damp. Was working fine though when i gave it a wipe. Got back home and it suddenly went off as if the battery life just drained. Plugged in charger and works fine on charge, sending texts etc. It got to 99% charge, made a strange tone I had not heard before and it went from 99% to 5%!! I have now taken back off phone and put it in bowl of rice in airing cupboard. Any other suggestions please?
  8. Hi I need to set up a contact group for our cricket team so I can send one text to the group to advise if a game has been called off etc. I cant see how to do this with the stock contacts, is it possible please? Many thanks Chris
  9. Hi I have just used the above, put in my imei number and now got an NCK 8 digit code. What do I now do with that (soz!) Cheers
  10. Some excellent comments thanks. people do get hung up about people not using 'search' but believe me I searched for some time!! Any way the solution I found on the net was this and I amazed myself that I did it!! download the latest LauncherPro APK (or hopefully any other APK). Connect your phone to your PC and mount the SD card. Copy the new APK to the top-level of the SD card and rename it to something short (like lp.apk). Unmount the phone, then in the phone browser (which is the only thing LP lets you run), type the following in the URL bar: file:///sdcard/lp.apk (notice the three slashes) This will force-launch the Installer application on the phone. Now on my phone, it was set to disallow non-Android Market apps from installing; since the APK is not off the Android Market, the phone popped up an error and offered to let me change the application setting. Which launches the Settings application. The Settings application also allows you to uninstall applications. Which finally allowed me to get rid of that misbegotten abomination LauncherPro.
  11. Hi I now turn my phone on to be greeted by the 'web page not available' screen with a message saying 'browser cannot load this page because there is no internet connection'. I click on 'ok', and it says launcherpro has expired. no home screen so cannot access internet! My SF has not been modified in anyway as I dont have the confidence or nohow. Any help appreciated
  12. Please see previous post, they change them so dont know which 3 they are currently offering
  13. There is a choice of 3 phones which change from time to time. 2 year contract so over 2 years I pay £180, sold the phone for £140 so in effect I pay £40 for 2 years! From what I understand the internet allowance is 500mb at the moment but you would have to check when speaking to them. The contract is normally £15 but the sales person I can put you in touch with can do it for £7.50 as they put it through as a loyalty contract I believe. To put 500mb in context, unless you do a hell of a lot of streaming it is ample for day to day browsing. Take a look at table below from neondragon.net "What does 500MB actually correspond to in real life usage? For example, how many webpages, emails or videos is this? It’s hard to give an exact figure – for example webpages and emails differ in size depending on the amount of content, images, etc whereas e-mails can be huge if they include photo attachments. In the following table, we’ve taken “typical” values as provided by O2: 500MB corresponds to… Basic webpages (mainly text) 5,000 Rich webpages (with multimedia, e.g. BBC) 1,500 Basic e-mails 500,000 Rich e-mails (with attachments) 1,000 Downloading/streaming music 100 songs Downloading/streaming video 1 hour "
  14. Hi If anybody is interested in this contract, let me know and I will PM you the contact details of the person at TMobile. If you are recommended by me, i.e. quote my account number, you and me receive £25 vouchers. Cheers P.S. if you don't want the phone you could do what I did and sell it (I got £140), and just use the contract sim in the Orange SF
  15. Hi Go into the stock sms app, press menu and go into settings, then disable notifications
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