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  1. Only one thing is keeping me away from flashing again my favourite rom (yours, Paul) Google diasbled the possibility to use car home apps on Android 4.2 ROMs. It's when you're on a car home app, pushing the home button takes you to the hoome of the car home back. It was a security feature, that you can switch easily between music, navigation or any other apps you want. With newer ROMs pressing the home key, takes you sadly to the home of your normal launcher. So you have to scroll down the notification bar, clik on your car home entry and then switch to the thing you want to. I think, its an big security bug while driving. Paul, CM and AOKP has found a solution that we can have our old car home behaviour back. I'm now on cm, but I really does like more stock, but security sucks.... Do you think, you can change this in your rom, please?
  2. Paul, ones request. If you probably now, google has an bug in car home. Before Jelly bean we can use car home Launcher which overrides the home key. That's a very good feature to make driving safely. This is completely gone since jelly bean. The aokp team has a fix since m3 version of their rom. Do you think you can implement this fix for use car drivers? Btw Bluetooth A2dp is properly working here. I've made a full wipe before.
  3. Great, great, great. You're my and my girlfriends hero of you can manage this is! Really :-)
  4. Whoa, that means, you have a solution for this problem? Can you tell me more about this. I've to use my N4 often plugged into my car audio and no one can really understand, what I wanna say.
  5. Yes, thats a great idea. And disabling the noise cancellation on talking over hedset/car audio without a microphone...
  6. Oops, I'm sorry. I've just seen, that I was on the last version on both devices. I've updated now to last mcr and now YouTube is fine again. Thanks!
  7. I've problems with YouTube from the market. On all my devices it won't load most of the videos. Waiting and waiting and then looking two seconds and waiting again. On browser there is no problem.
  8. Oh, I'm soooo sure, that everyone likes them much more, than the old fashioned, isn't it guys? :wub: By the way, is it only pusing this file to this folder and restart? I wonder, how this works (and if it works on every MCR rom)
  9. Great! Could we expect, that tihis goes to the Nexus 4/7 kitchens as well in the future versions or don't you like it as much?
  10. Hey Paul, is it possible to add the new battery circle from the n7 rom here, too? :-P
  11. Ahhh, thats totally awesome. Now I'm hoping to get home soon :) Aww, file not found :-(
  12. Yeah, hoping for this since the first 4.2.1 rom on our nexis :-) I know, that isn't your fault ;-)
  13. Not only this. Try to stream Music from GMusic and listen over Bluetooth. It's complete corrupt. Nice s***, hoping that google fixes this, soon.
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