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  1. Well I haven't quite got it sorted yet. The main CFX2 Zip installs fine, as does the GAPPS zip. However, when I boot up there's no Google Play store in the apps drawer. I've downloaded a couple of Google Play .apks including 3.10.10 (which is the latest one AFAIK). They all install fine but then force close when I open them. And without Google Play I'm a bit stuck :( . I rebooted into recovery and cleared / formatted everything except the /boot partition (including /system). Reinstalled everything. Same result. Any suggestions? Edit: reading back a few pages on the CFX2 main thread it seems that Google Play will not install on a 200mb system partition for some reason. However another poster suggested stripping apps that I don't need out of the zip before I flash it. That's worth a try and in fact I would like to do it to save me deleting the stuff with link2SD once I've got the rom installed. Is it just a case of going into the zip folder in Windows and deleting the .apks from the app folder, or do I need to unzip, delete all the files, re-zip? I've previously read about 'signing' zips, but I don't know what it means. Will it be necessary?
  2. Hi all, I've been running CFX2 for a while now with no real bother, except for the fact that I keep running out of data space because the original TPT I used way back when made system too large- I think it was over 200mb, but I was using only 150mb-odd. Anyway, I was a bit bored today, so I decided that the time was right to adjust my partition sizes and then update to the latest (11/19) version of CFX2 which promises various fixes and improvements. I installed TPT Helper and went for a custom TPT with 180MB system and 10MB cache, leaving well over 200MB for data. After a couple of goes TPT Helper proclaimed itself to be happy; however when I ran its self test it only veryfied 2 of the 4 files. I tried again and got the same result, and so decided to go ahead anyway. The TPT seemed to flash itself fine, and the phone booted into CWM. I went to flash the CFX2 11/19 file- and it failed, citing symlink failiues, and 'Status 7' errors. I tried fixing permissions and toggling signature verification / script asserts with no joy- with signature verification enabled CWM seems to verify the update package fine but still fails the install. So I decided to try downloading some other preset TPTs from Amphoras's site, but having downloaded them and unzipped them to the root of the SD card (creating an 'image' folder), I can't get them to flash- either the phone just boots back into CWM when I turn it on holding vol+ and Menu, or just says failed several times. Confusingly, some of his TPT image folders contain about 15 files, others just 2- what's going on there? So basically now I have a not-quite-bricked phone that only runs CWM. Any advice on how to fix it gratefully received. Edit: out of interest I decided to flash the GAPPS zip and that installed fine. I have checked the MD5 of the CFX2 zip, and it's correct.
  3. HI all, I've been running tilal's excellent Coldfusion CM9 port for a while now with no major probs- Gmail was a bit finickity about actually displaying emails, but everything else worked pretty well. However, I started getting regular 'low on space' messages that I could only get rid of by uninstalling programs that I actually used occasionally. I never actually got round to replacing the 2GB SD card that the phone was supplied with, so I had no ext partition, and although Link2SD did a pretty good job of putting apps on the (FAT) SD card it obviously was still leaving enough behind to clog up the internal data partition. So I bought an 8GB Class 10 card, and today got round to trying it. I pulled the old 2GB card out and copied all the contents to my computer. Meanwhile I formatted the 8GB card using ClockworkMod, giving it a 1GB ext partition, 128mb swap (on the basis that I might as well, since I don't need a lot of FAT32 space), and the rest FAT32 (I assume?). I copied the contents of the old card to the new one and booted up, and established that all the apps I'd put onto FAT with Link2SD were still working. Then, in a moment of supreme overconfidence, I installed S2E from the market and told it to copy everything to the EXT partition. Predictably, that borked everything. OF course I'd forgotten to do a backup before I started. Never mind, I thought, Coldfusion 2 (CM10) looks good, so I'll give that a go. So I downloaded it, did a factory reset in CWM, flashed it, flashed the link2SD fix and a new GAPPS package, told Link2SD to put everything on the ext partition, and then merrily set about reinstalling all my old apps from Google Play. Link2SD was happily reporting that everything I'd installed was being linked to the SD card....but then I got a bloody low memory error again! So I can only assume that I'm doing something wrong, but I'm damned if I can figure out what it is! Is it possible to set Link2SD to install everything lock stock and barrel straight to the SD ext partition? Do I need to use a PC to partition the card rather than CWM? Is it just a case of getting the settings right? All advice greatly appreciated! :)
  4. I have 2.2 working- wife used the phone for a few months before I gave her my OSF. It was the Swedish one I think. She had no problems with it, it worked well.
  5. Hi all, I've had an OMC for about 6 weeks now since I snapped it up for £100 at Argos. I unlocked it the day I got it and put Atomic V3 (IIRC) on and I've been very happy with it since. My job quite sometimes involves sitting about not doing very much, so I use the phone for browsing the internet and emailing. To keep the battery topped up I carry the USB cable in my bag and plug it into one of the work PCs (these PCs don't have internet access, otherwise I would use them obviously!). Today was just such a day. Had the phone plugged in for about 7 hours, battery level remained constant at 98% (it never quite seems to be able to manage to complete the charge when the screen's on and I'm using the phone). The only thing I changed today was to reset the screen timeout from 1 minute to 10 minutes, as I was using the phone to put a few bets in on the football and wanted to keep track so I could adjust my trades if necessary. Anyway, about 15 minutes before I finished, the PC came up with an error message saying that the USB device had malfunctioned. The phone wouldn't turn on and just repeatedly buzzed when I tried to turn it on. Now obviously this is what it does when it thinks it has a dead battery, but the battery was showing 98% full a few minutes previously. When I got home I plugged it into this PC and managed to get it into Clockworkmod recovery- but only with the battery installed, it would not boot into the recovery just using USB power which all the other android phones I've had have managed fine. I thought the ROM might have corrupted so I reflashed it, and the flash failed! I then removed the SIM and plugged it into the USB charger. This time I got it into receovery and successfully flashed the ROM. I also reset the battery stats. Now the phone has booted and begun to charge the battery....claiming that it's totally empty! Anyone know how the battery could spontaneously empty itself in the space of a few minutes? Is it normal for the phone to fail to boot on USB power alone? I'm concerned that the internal power supply hardware might be failing. If anyone has had anything similar or knows anything to try, I'd be grateful for any suggestions.
  6. Thanks for that D3abL3, original zip wouldn't flash but yours did. Cheers! :) Edit: and thanks of course to Tillaz for the ROM, working sweet now, lovely and fast. Very glad that I've upgraded from my San Fran now! Cheers! :)
  7. Exact same problem here. Has anyone successfully got this resolved yet? I'll visit a T-Mobile shop tomorrow I guess but it's all highly irritating.
  8. I used to use an X-Sim III in my old Pulse, but I just couldn't persuade it to work in the Mini after my wife broke the Pulse by filling it with mayonnaise (nor would it work or in my own, unlocked Blade, for that matter). It would unlock the sim O.K. but then the phone would think that it was roaming; no matter what I tried I couldn't persuade it otherwise. So I went googling for the cheapest unlock method. I can confirm that http://www.dc-unlocker.com/ works. It was a bit of a faff getting it to work- in the end I finally figured out that I had to have the Huawei PC Suite installed on my computer. Before I'd figured that bit out I'd also reflashed the original T-Mobile UK ROM, so I can't comment on whether it'll work on phones running custom ROMs etc. I've now flashed to the 2.2 beta 11 which seems to be working fine with my wife's GiffGaff sim. I would recommend that you sign up for a DC-Unlocker account before you buy yourself any credits: then you can make sure that you have a good connection to the phone with the software. It's a little bit more involved than just sending off your IMEI and waiting to get a code back, but equally once you've jumped through the hoops the phone unlocks instantly with no waiting.
  9. Thanks- I can confirm that flashing the Pulse Mini recovery from RomManager results in a recovery image that won't boot, whereas the Ascend one does, and appears from my limited investigation to work. So cheers for putting me on the right track :).
  10. I would be surprised. However, my Pulse unlocked fine with an X-Sim device from ebay, I see no reason why a Mini wouldn;t be the same. About four quid IIRC. Obviously you have to cut your sim card but that's easy to do.
  11. Hi all, I've got a very odd problem here. I've given my Pulse to my wife now I've got a SF; I upgraded it to Tom's CM6 0.3 before I gave it to her and installed TouchPal and LauncherPro so it was nice and usable. But eventually it started failing to install any apps- they would DL from the Market fine but then fail to install. So today I had a bit of time and decided to reformat the 4GB Kingston class 4 card I have in it, wipe everything on the phone, and start again from scratch. This worked fine, I managed to install Astro File Manager and a few other apps. Then I used Astro to try and install TouchPal having copied the .apk out of another ROM- a few seconds later the phone froze, and they went straight to the Cyanogen whirly android boot up screen. I tried installing another app from the market- exact same result. So then I went into clockwork mod and formatted basically everything I could get at except the boot partition. I (very slowly) formatted the SD card (apart from the 64mb swap partition that I put on there) using a card reader on my PC. Then I reinstalled CM6 and the google apps zip- and then installing any app at all failed with the same error. So I'm a bit stuck really. Any ideas?
  12. Right- like many here I've moved on to a San Francisco and I'm delighted with it. My wife has been asking for a Blackberry but all the ones you can get on a sensibly priced contract are cruddy old 2G ones. I thought I'd update my Pulse to FLB-Mod 1.7 and then get her a sim-only rolling contract (GiffGaff looking favourite right now). But to do that I'll need to either pay 20$ to get it unlocked- or, hopefully, more like 5$ from Dealextreme :lol: . http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.12167 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.13480 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.25336 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.21554 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.22581 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.23988 .....any of those known to work? Or can anyone recommend something that does? Hopefully I'll stick an order in before I jet off on holiday earlier tomorrow morning and it'll be waiting when I get back. Cheers all B)
  13. I think it's a problem with the file server. Verify the file using the MD5 checksum to be sure!
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