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  1. I figured that if I posted in that thread I'd get no response, so I thought I'd make a new one. Does anyone here have a copy of the U8230 style MCR 1.6 rom? I know it's really old, but so far as I can tell, it's the most stable of all the roms - and my 8220 is with my dad, so as long as it shows contacts correctly (the main issue with the t-mob rom) he's happy. I'd be really grateful if anyone who reads this could look for a copy of the u8220 rom - I know I don't have it from my pulse days, but still.
  2. Well, there are several technical reasons (ie reasons other than hearsay and opinions). Firstly, iPhone apps are usually written in Objective-C - compiled and executed as native code. Java is mostly interpreted - it's more compatible between platforms (for example, a Windows jar will probably work on a Linux computer) but there is a performance hit - Just-In-Time compiling (in Android officially since 2.2) brings a significant performance boost but is still not perfect. With native code, Android phones tend to be much faster (look at the Desire browser w/2.2 vs the iPhone 4) - but the interpretative nature of java does make it slower (the gap is decreasing all the time). It's easily possible for Google to optimize for all hardware. Sure, it's more difficult than with the iPhone, but there are platforms of phones - for example all the high-end phones in the last year have used the Cortex-A8 core - lower end ones tend to use 528MHz Qualcomms - there aren't very many things that have to be optimized for. Also, whilst anyone can make an Android phone, Google has to approve every phone that needs the market - so has a step in the development. For Google, this means access to Android phones for optimization far before we see them. In my mind, I massively doubt the idea that Android is far superior to iOS - in my mind technical superiority (which may or may not be the case) is secondary to actual usability - my iPhone 4 is massively snappy and is a joy to use, totally unlike the Android phones I've used.
  3. maybe... ttytt I mostly rooted my pulse for speed improvements.
  4. Faith? T-Mob and Huawei could get sued if they didn't do that!
  5. It's not even a mod, (since Tapatalk is a commercial service) they paid Tapatalk to brand a version of the app for them. Kinda neat.
  6. Whilst every other browser just piggybacks on the Webkit Webview (with additions and optimizations), Fennec is the rendering engine of Mozilla Firefox - ie it's not just some code + preinstalled code, it's a full rendering engine. That's why it's slower - it's an alpha version that is an impressive bit of kit. If you want a typical car analogy, Dolphin is taking a car and making it faster, more comfortable and easier to use. Fennec is making a car from scratch - whole new difficulty level.
  7. Bakes

    Facebook 1.3

    The FLB mod is good
  8. Spica feels much much faster. Much smoother, etc.
  9. You should definitely get it. I've spent today playing around with my mate's Galaxy Portal. Loads of garbage loads up at the start (which I'm sure would be fixed by a good rooting) but the phone itself is far snappier than the Pulse - my Pulse is slow and laggy, his is crisp, fast, smooth etc. At £30 more than a pulse PAYG, I'd get the Portal every day of the year.
  10. What's gone wrong with neocore? MCR1.7 used to get me 27fps... it's a pretty big drop
  11. I thought about suggesting Github in the first place, I find it much easier to use than Merc.
  12. and a SnapDragon processor
  13. HTC phones are different. HTC made the Android Dev Phones 1 and 2. This means that the drivers and suchlike are all available for these devices as sources, which makes it a lot easier to port them. To give a car analogy, the drivers on an HTC phone are like being asked to fit the turbo of a Mercedes to a BMW. Sure, they aren't the same model, but ghetto mod it a bit, saw off a few bits and you'll get it to fit and work. The drivers on the Pulse, on the other hand are like being asked to make a turbo from scratch, with only a howstuffworks.com description to tell you how it's supposed to work.
  14. Bakes

    Battery dying

    You've probably got something that's using too much power. Turn off all your widgets, turn off wifi and data service and see how long it lasts. Mine used to last less than a day, I turned off data service because i forgot to top up one month, and it lasted for over a week on standby.
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