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  1. can anyone explain to me exactly how this should work? I've tried a few ways and have been unsuccessful. the first method i tried was using a terminal console on my phone but every attempt says unable to find the file. and before you say make sure i spelt it correctly, or make sure its on my sd card... let me assure you it is(and i make sure to type in su first). my second attempt was using flashrec which is what i originally flashed my first custom recovery rom with, but an error came up and now im stuck... any ideas what im doing wrong?
  2. The last few weeks I've been having more and more dropped calls and problems sending txts. It wasn't that bad of an issue till yesterday when I couldn't get reception anywhere for about 6hours. I don't think its a network issue as my friends on TELUS haven't had any problems. Think its a problem with the hardware or the Rom I'm using (r5)?
  3. so it turns out, that program actually modified my Google contacts. I just had to go and rearrange how my contacts were stored in it because the "my contacts" folder was completely empty
  4. so I was using mcr 3.2 for a while and finally decided to try out paul's latest build the r5. Everything worked fine.... even my contacts at first, till i started trying to restore all my data. I was using a program called my backup pro, what i used before and had no problems with. when i was restoring my contacts i recieved a message saying that all my other contacts would be erased first. since I sync my phone with my google account i wasn't worried about that, except that it didnt work and now i cant figure out how to get my google contacts back. in the settings section under google, theres an error saying sync is currently experiencing problems. Has anyone had a problem like this? or can help me with this? thanks in advance guys!
  5. Doesn't really affect the canadians using custom roms. I can't wait for modaco to be based off 2.1 :D
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