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  1. http://forums.meteor.ie/index.php?showtopi...&#entry2541 see post number 25 onwards, seems to be some confusion over what version is being released so we will have to see.
  2. Apparantly, a representive from Meteor in Ireland has posted on a forum that he has heard directly from HTC that the Android 2.1 update will be released for Hero owners at the end of March 2010. Not sure if this is just the rumour mill but certainly ties in timing wise to the new devices being launched March/April time.
  3. I never said it was missing the widgets, I simply said I would like to have them as I use them.
  4. Great ROM, well done. Keyboard is spot on too, the only real issues I have are as follows: 1. HSPDA icon is missing 2. Would like to have the widgets as I use twitter and the mail widget. 3. Became very slow after an hour or so, phone froze and rebooted Apart from that it's really good, looks good and I had no real problems with the live wallpapers. Nice ROM to test what is yet to come but a little unstable for everyday use IMO Keep up the good work and look forward to more updates.
  5. Need to check my settings then, my mate has a HTC HD2 and we are in HSPDA area, he has an icon but mine just displays 3G
  6. OK, success at last This now works even though I installed the googlebits first lol, anyway, very impressed. 1. Live wallpapers work fine, even on lock screen 2. Marketplace work fine and have downloaded and tested a couple of live wallpapers. 3. Internet works 4. contacts have syncd from google mail 5. No HSPDA icon (does this support it?) Will test out more when I get home tonight but so far it looks good.
  7. Ok, I am going to copy the files back onto my card again and give it a try, thanks for the help and fingers crossed.
  8. Ok, these are the two files I have: GoogleBits-sdk7-v1.7-signed.zip aosp-2.1-jnwhiteh-r4.zip Copied to my phones SD card Maybe I am being thick here but as far as all the other ROMS go, you wipe data, Reboot, apply ROM, reboot. Is there something else I need to be doing?
  9. I am using the r4 release from the link off the first page. Google maps FC's first then the set up wizard FC's and they just loop, one after the other. White notification bar is displayed with GPRS and the SD card says preparing in the top left. It wont go any further than that, wiped and tried 4 times, this is the first time I have had problems, had Modoco versions running on this fine. Just restored my nandroid back up fine. Phone is rooted using the flashrec and Anon recovery method.
  10. Just keeps force closing on start up, I have tried numerous ROMS and they have all at least got to the start up screen. Did back up Wiped data Applied .zip Booted and just keeps FC looping Going to restore my Nandroid back up and give this one a wide berth :)
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