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  1. I guess that's the answer, I honestly can't think of anything else at this point. If that's the case then the requirements list for the apps (as listed on the market) should reflect ALL REQUIREMENTS, it's missleading to say that an app is "compatible with 2.1 and newer" when many times the OS version doesn't really matter because it's the innards what really makes a device compatible or not. >end of rant<
  2. hey, thanks for trying to help. I live in the States and I have a States-spec model (the tmobile mytouch 4g, from tmobile USA) so the market region restrictions are not the cause, although I did try the market enabler thing just for fun. I spoofed androids from AT&T, Verizon and a couple of European carriers for good measure. The thing boils down to whatever google and the developers deem "compatible" with certain phones. As I had mentioned before the Netflix app was available in the market for the longest time for Android versions older than what this phone came STOCK with, and worked fine on OLDER PHONES with fewer resources than this one, yet, for whatever reason THIS PARTICULAR MODEL, the mytouch4g / HTC Glacier was NOT on the list of "compatible" handsets, so it didn't work. That was an issue even before I got this phone, and people found that once the Netflix apk was made available OUTSIDE the android market one could install it and the app worked. There were some minor glitches, which were resolved by doing some phone hacking and were resolved for everybody else once the app was updated and this model was finally included on the list of compatible devices, which proves that whatever is going on has to do with something on the code that regardless of the phone's capabilities or OS version will make it "incompatible" until the devs, google or both decide to make the necessary changes, WHICH IS TOTAL BULLSHIT! I can't think of a better analogy right now other than being unable to run Office on my laptop just because I have a Toshiba machine and, for example, let's say you have an older Sony, with lower hardware specs, SAME EXACT VERSION OF WINDOWS, but SOMEHOW, because I have a Toshiba; I can't run Office on it because my device is not "compatible", but you can without a problem. How in hell would that make ANY sense?
  3. thanks for the info, I had come accross it before as well. I'm accepting defeat on this one unfortunately, and I'm closer and closer to caving in and getting an iphone next year. Shame, I dislike apple with a passion, but this is nonsense on google's side that - for me - is worse than the hand-holding that apple likes to flog on their customers, and being that winmo's app selection is even weaker I'm left with little choice, shame indeed.
  4. argh no replies... oh well, after hunting for days for it I got the apk for one of the apps that I'm trying to install on my phone but it doesn't recognize the data connection, whether wifi or mobile. I suppose that's one of the reasons why the app is not "compatible" with my phone, but it's nudging me towards getting a damn jesus phone instead. Sorry to not see any other replies, I know this is an issue that affects many (from what I've seen on various forums)
  5. I see what you're saying, but wouldn't that be so if at least I could attempt the download? Or does the market measure cache remotely/in the background? If that's the case then it should report it as such, not as a device compatibility. Which also begs the question about why some users that have reviewed some of the apps that I can't download have been able to install them on the same model I have and/or the same models I'm trying to spoof, it just doesn't make sense to me. In my phone I can't even select the app when I go to the market, so the market seems to reject my phone no matter what it thinks it is. I've changed the phone signature again, now to a samsung galaxy s 2, and it's the same result. That goes along with your cache size theory. But isn't it the case that some or most apps, AFAIK, even if compatible with say, 2.2.1, can still be incompatible with *some* devices? I always go back to the Netflix example because it took a LONG while after it was available for other phones with 2.2.1 to work on my then-stock mytouch4g, and I know I wasn't alone, it was an issue of compatibility with that and some other specific devices, even though all of them were running the same OS version, which again makes as much sense to me as having a peeing section in a swimming pool. This is so far the most irritating thing about android, app compatiblity fragmentation by device is ridiculous, in fact guaranteed compatibility based solely on OS version is almost non-existant. It's ludicrous that two devices running the exact same OS, down to the same version # can't run the same exact app due to god knows what, I know there are low-end and high-end devices and apps will run better or worse depending on that, but as far as I'm concerned that is a performance issue, it shouldn't be a compatibility one. At this point, I wish google would let consumers know whether the OS version or the hardware pick should be the deciding factors when one goes to shop for a phone, I mean, what's more frustrating than getting the latest in software and hardware (with the latest and greatest price tag) only to find out that for reasons unknown an app simply won't work? Might as well go with apple or winmo7, at least that way I'd know that the apps will be compatible with my device no matter what. I have to say that I'm disappointed, android OS itself isn't that impressive and it looks and feels just like a tweaked copy of iOS, which in and by itself is not a bad thing (I personally like the android look and feel a lot better and this being my first touchscreen phone I have to say I'd find it hard to go back to a touch-less device, if there are any left) but I'm looking at this from a utilitarian point of view: my previous phone, a humble samsung jack running winmo 6.1 pro was capable of acomplishing the same tasks as the mytouch4g, although it wasn't as easy on the eye or as finger-friendly. I ditched it because of app incompatibility across DIFFERENT winmo OS versions and total incompatiblity with then-upcoming winmo7, but if an app was designed for an SPECIFIC OS version, it worked, no matter who made the phone.
  6. That's an interesting take on the issue. But it's not about space (I think) it's just the market saying that some phones are not compatible (at least yet) with some apps. From what I've read the developers submit their apps for revision by google, then they get approved for whatever device/firmware version they are submitted for, so all others get left out until the app is updated to *officially* support them, which is why for the longest time I couldn't get netflix on my mytouch 4g but others did with rooted phones and getting the netflix apk from somewhere else. And that's my question, because a lot of the info I found was about people with devices like the nook color, and they spoofed a nexus s signature and were able to see and download apps that the market didn't give them access to before. On my phone, if an app is not "compatible" I won't even see it when I search for it. If I log on to the market on my computer, I can see all the apps, but if I choose one that hasn't been "approved" to work with my phone, it simply tells me that my phone is not compatible with it and won't let me even try to install it. as an aside, I logged back into the market and now it recognizes my phone as a Nexus S, however it still won't let me install some apps, so the spoofing did work, however I guess I didn't spoof the right device...
  7. hello guys, I've jumped over to the Android bandwagon after trying to stick with winmo and refusing to go wit iphone. I've had a tmobile mytouch 4g for the last couple of months and finally decided to take a crash course all of last night about rooting, I got it permrooted with s-off, what a difference in the phone responsiveness. My question now is about market apps. There are quite a few that I want to get (free or to pay for) that the market keeps telling me I can't because my phone is not compatible. I don't know if it matters but on the market my device is listed as an HTC Glacier (I know that's its manufacturer name) and has always been that way, even before I rooted it (temp root before, perm as of last night). I was looking for info about this and I read that editing the build.prop file seemed to work for other people (editing the ro.product.model and ro.product.manufacturer entries did nothing) later I found that you also should edit the ro.build.fingerprint entry, but still no go with certain apps, and my phone is still listed as an HTC Glacier. The changes have stuck, as I said my phone is perm rooted and I've triple-checked that I typed over the new info exactly as provided. (I was trying to spoof a Nexus S device sig) With all that being said, I tried reading more about it and decided to try Market Enabler, which I now realize is just to allow people to access a different geographical market, not for what I'm trying to do. Is there anything that can be done? I don't get a report of why certain apps are "not compatible" with some devices, I have an idea of why and truly I don't care for the details of it, I know it's possible compatibility/stability/blah blah blah issues, but if I buy a phone I damn well have a right to install in it whatever I want, and if it's not stable enough I'll uninstall it. Don't get me wrong, I understand the benefits of this extra security, but those who can bypass it should be able to, we deal with the consequences either way. I'm no expert in Android, but I know an unstable app is not going to brick the phone any less than rooting it could have if I don't do it right. anyway, I was rambling off a little, bottom line, short of loading a custom ROM, is there any way that I can make the market believe I have a different device so I can view ALL the apps available in the market? Thanks in advance, and to the admins if this post is in the wrong place I apologize and please move it wherever it belongs.
  8. Hello guys, here's the deal. This phone has been sitting around since I got my Android one, and I finally decided to retire it by selling it. I had app unlocked, security unlocked, and SIM unlocked this phone. For the life of me I can't remember the correct number combination for the device lock, and I'm at a point where the phone is asking me to wait 17 minutes before I can even enter another code to unlock it. 1. What is the way to bypass/reset the code so I can get the phone clean of all my info before I sell it? 2. Whatever the solution is, I assume it involves something similar/same to a master reset. If so, will it erase all the customizations/programs/settings I had on the phone? I'm not worried about contact data or anythng like that, but the main attraction when I sell this phone will be that it's unlocked and it's heavily tweaked. The registry has been hacked to allow for longer ringtones, it plays all kinds of files for them, it has apps that are no longer attainable (skype, to mention just one) etc, so it's really important for me to know whether all those apps and the customization will stay or go. Please help, thanks so much for any advice or help you can provide.
  9. I have tried many weather apps and found that this one is the best fr me. Animated Weather for Android - Weather forecast application. The exquisitely realistic video effects of cloudiness, rain and snow provide the vivid sensation of current or future weather conditions for more than 50000 locations over the world. http://www.weather-android.com/ Video: Anyone has other suggestions or experience with the tons of weather apps out there? Like I said, I have tried many, and by far this one beats them all
  10. well it seems it's still too early in the game for this phone since not too much info is out there about it. One thing keeps bugging me to no end and I just can't find an answer. Like I said in my opening post, I'm used to work with WM phones, and I know for a fact that when you are browsing on PIE, if you get out of it (by pressing the home button or the end button) you're supposed to go back to the page you were viewing when you go back into PIE. this is NOT the case with this phone. I can be on any website, if I get out, once I click again on the IE icon it takes me to the homepage. IT'S ANNOYING! has ANYBODY else experienced this or better, know how to make it stop?? I can get back to my browsing session if I click the "back" button, but if I'm browsing and then have started other 3 or 4 programs, made a couple of calls or sent messages, I'd have to click back about 10 times before I can get back to IE. thank you
  11. sorry if not in the right place to post. I just bought this phone, it's supposed to be the succesor to the blackjack and so far I got mixed feelings about it. The phone seems to be heavily locked down and dumbed down by AT&T, more so than other phone's I've had before. I've already spent all afternoon yesterday changing some things to make the phone less crippled. There are two nagging things left here. One, I've got a problem with internet explorer, on all my previous smartphones if you don't kill the IE process or terminate it, when you go back you go back to the page you were at last. This phone doesn't do that, I can see the page I was at previously for a fraction of a second, then it goes into the homepage. it's like it kills the task and restarts it, every time. It's annoying! The second issue is purely cosmetic. I was using a tmo dash previously, flashed with kavana's rom, and now when I look at the sliding panel screen the titles (clock, etc, all the titles in the panels) look too big! Kavana's rom in the HTC made the fonts on the homescreen thinner, more pleasing to the eye. I can upload screen pics if you'd like, but if you look at screenshots from kavana's rom and a regular rom you'll see what I'm talking about. I've spent hours searching for ways to change the font's look, I've done all the changes I could possibly do with regedit, the font still looks exactly the same. I compared the reg keys and settings on both phones and they match to the dot, so the settings for the fonts on the homescreen have to be somewhere else, I'm wondering if somebody can point me in that direction. Finally, any word on any clean rom for this phone? Would a BJ2 rom work on it? Thank you!
  12. Hello to all, here's my issue. I have a cingular 3125 (although this is NOT a device-specific question) I have outlook at home and have 2 different accounts, a personal one and a business one, but both share the same contacts. What I want to do is be able to "sort out" the business contacts, I only want to sync my personal contacts to my smartphone. Is there a way to do that? I'm very familiar with smartphones, this is my third one, but I'm not too knowledgeable about all the tricks smartphones can do with outlook. I have these 2 accounts at home and I honestly don't know if both of them are syncing. Does the phone do that? Does it sync multiple outlook accounts from the same PC? If anybody can shed light on those issues I'd be most thankful. Have a good one!
  13. holas, he leido las 3 paginas de este post, y veo q varios mencionan q tienen ROM 1.47 o 1.49 y alguno por ahi dijo q tiene hasta 4 lenguajes. tengo el rom de cingular, y hasta ahora hay dos cosas q me molestan del telefono... primero, q cingular no quiso desbloquearlo, lo q en realidad no tiene nada q ver con el telefono mismo, jaja, y la siguiente es q no tiene T9. ya me habia acostumbrado a el, y en mi anterior celular tenia T9 como con 5 o 6 lenguajes. con iTAP no tengo mas q ingles, y hasta ahora me esta costando acostumbrarme a este. se q por el momento no puedo instalar T9 porque viene incluido en el ROM, no como stand-alone asi q al menos quiero conseguir un ROM q me deje usar espanol para iTAP, y si hay uno q deja usar mas de 1 lenguaje, mejor aun! por favor, provean mas informacion sobre este tema. como consiguieron esos ROM, o si se puede instalar diccionarios de iTAP solos como language packs. gracias
  14. is there any way to get t9 on the mpx220? I have had t9 forever on all of my phones and I find it really easy to use, besides, t9 gave me th eoption of switching languages on the fly while writing a message. itap is not cutting it for me... is there any way to change that? thanks a lot!
  15. don't know if this'll help anybody, but I had the same problem, except that the phone by itself just stopped recognizing the card. I ende up doing a hard reset and that fixed the problem. Hope that helps
  16. Hi guys, I've got an sp2 (aka e200, etc) and for a while now the joystick has been acting up. When I press down it sometimes moves to the right. I'm not sure, but I could almost swear that it has gotten worse since the hard reset (I had to hard reset the phone because of a problem with the SD slot) Since the hard reset, like I said; I could almost swear that it has gotten worse. When I try to scroll down on an SMS for example, it will take me to the next message (as if I had pressed right, instead of down) Or when I'm playing a game, it will move the character to the right instead of down. And sometimes it will also happen that when I try to scroll down, for example to scroll on the home screen, it will instead activate the "action" function (selecting something by pressing on the joystick) that is becoming increasingly annoying as it slows me down because the phone takes me to different menus/options than the ones I'm looking for... or selects actions that I actually don't want. Has anyone else experienced this? is there a fix for it? Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi guys, I'm trying to find a financial calculator for my smartphone (imate smartphone 2) I was using a Nokia for a while, and they have this program called "finanz" which is a very easy to use financial calculator. I liked it because it allows you to do business operations with ease (markup on cost, profit on sales, discount, growth) and also personal finance info, like mortgages, leasing, annuity, compounded interest, etc I wonder if there's an app with at least the business functionality. I have been looking around in smartphone.net, msmobiles.com, etc, but I can't find any tool like this one, and unfortunately the maker of "finanz" develops only for the Symbian platform... Any help will be much appreciated
  18. happy to help... this website is such a big source of knowledge, I'd be playing solitaire on my phone and pretty much nothing else without modaco! hehehe, so I guess this was a way of trying to give back to this great community
  19. Hi, I hope this helps anyone who has had this problem. The problem is that suddenly my smartphone 2 stopped detecting the SD card (which is the one it has ALWAYS worked with) I did a search and found that a lot of people have this problem, and actually believed it was a hardware flaw. I tried cleaning the SD slot with air, rebooting the phone, to no avail. I had decided to sell the phone for cheap, and in one las act of desperation I found a post (on some website which I don't remember) that said that a hard reset would fix it. I tried it, and voila! The phone reads the SD again! If you don't know how, these are the steps for a hard reset: (remove the SD card first) 1: Power Off Phone 2: Hold down record button (for audio notes) 3: Power on Phone message comes up: "press any key to enter boot loader" 4: Let go of record button 5: Push and hold down the joystick button At this point, you're looking at a menu with 1->8 on it, select 8 and the phone should hard-reset. If you end up at a red/green/blue screen, you've got it wrong, and you'll need to whip the battery off and start from scratch! now for some advice!!! so please read!! 1. a hard reset will erase every info on the phone (contacts, software installed, GPRS and MMS settings, etc) so be sure of having a backup of all this important info 2. after a hard reset, the phone takes a long time to reboot (this phone by nature is slow to power on, but it's extremely slow after a hard reset,) so just give it time and don't worry, it's just slow the first time after the hard reset 3. after rebooting, the phone will ask you again to finish the process by restarting. press ok, let it restart and then insert the SD card. Good luck and thanks to whoever found out how to fix this problem, since it seems to be a far too common ocurrence and it hasn't had any solutions so far.
  20. hi, the hard reset should fix the problem like mavis said, however, the complete steps for a hard reset are as follows: 1: Power Off Phone 2: Hold down record button (for audio notes) 3: Power on Phone message comes up: "press any key to enter boot loader" 4: Let go of record button 5: Push and hold down the joystick button At this point, you're looking at a menu with 1->8 on it, select 8 and the phone should hard-reset. If you end up at a red/green/blue screen, you've got it wrong, and you'll need to whip the battery off and start from scratch! make sure you have your mms and gprs settings saved somewhere (or that they are available to download from somewhere, i.e. clubimate.com) and also your contacts... since all data will be lost from your phone. Finally, after the hard reset the phone takes a little long to boot up again, don't get nervous and just give it time. After it reboots, it will then ask your permission to restart once again to finish the process. Do it, and then check for the bluetooth again. Good luck!
  21. 307 downloads

    My first theme, I did it with Ruttensoft proggie. Don't know too much about xml, so I had to take the easy way out I hope you enjoy it. It comes with the standard plugins (message counter for sms, mms and email, the icon bar, MRU, profile, and calendar) as well as the WMP and ALARM plugins. Kudos to their creators, Orangewinger and RichieM, respectively. (both are included in the ZIP in case you still don't have them) Feel free to further customize it if you wish to do so, just post what changes you make so all of us can enjoy it. Post your comments about the skin... thanks!


  22. Hi guys, I hope you can help me. My phone's alarm goes off at 4.30 pm regardless of what time I have programmed it at. It will also sound at the time I program it to do so, but will again sound at 4.30 pm. I have the alarm plugin installed, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. The alarm settings will display the time I program the alarm for, and it will sound at that time, but it will also sound at 4.30 pm. Can anyone tell me where I can turn off/change this time? Like I said, regardless of whether I go to settings >> date and time >> alarm >> and program a different time or just shut the alarm off completely, it will still go off at 4.30 pm, every day. Thanks in advance for your help.
  23. File Name :: Halo 2 Author :: rodrigoperu Category :: Computer Description :: My first theme, I did it with Ruttensoft proggie. Don't know too much about xml, so I had to take the easy way out I hope you enjoy it. It comes with the standard plugins (message counter for sms, mms and email, the icon bar, MRU, profile, and calendar) as well as the WMP and ALARM plugins. Kudos to their creators, Orangewinger and RichieM, respectively. (both are included in the ZIP in case you still don't have them) Feel free to further customize it if you wish to do so, just post what changes you make so all of us can enjoy it. Post your comments about the skin... thanks! Updated Mon, Oct 17 2005 10:17 pm View File
  24. Hi Liz, I don't pretend to know a lot, but from what I read on the link you posted, the AV program from CA is to be installed in the PC and protect the PC from viruses that COULD come from PDAs and Smartphones, and this AV program seems to cater more to the enterprise-level customers, generally heavy on pc-pda syncs. The programs listed above (airscanner's and trend micro's) are at the moment free, specifically designed for the SP platform (though I still can't concur with the need for such sw yet) I have been tinkering with some SD and CF cards and it seems that flash drives DO get fragmented, but at a very, VERY much slower pace than regular hard drives, hence the seemengly unexistant need for defragmenting them. It would be interesting if someone with more knowledge of the matter would run more tests or post more info about flash memory fragmentation and how the turning off and on of the phones helps avoid or increase the risk of fragmentation in the long run.
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