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  1. How's the build quality? It's a very cheap tablet!
  2. Can you see what your daughter thinks of it? Thinking of getting one for my little one :)
  3. I think Munkimatt mentioned it on Twitter but it would be nice to have the CM9 style power toggles rather than the Samsung look ones.
  4. Okay, I installed it.. Had issues with the Samsung Keyboard FC'ing, I had more progress switching to Swype. Managed to get Titanium Backup to notice my licence file (put a copy on both the int and ext sd), but I couldn't get any of my apps to restore. It just froze, I tried switching the location that it restores to, but it just didn't work. The ROM itself seemed pretty good, better than I was expecting, but I can't really run it as a daily until I can get all my apps installed (and I'm not doing them manually!) Top work so far Gary! K
  5. Maybe it's downloaded a new software update from Orange? It won't matter what SIM you have it it, If it's got Orange firmware it'll always 'THINK' it's an Orange phone. To get the app list back just press the MENU button and change to 'List View'
  6. Noticed a few things.. I think this must be a T-Mobile sourced ROM with the Tethering restrictions and the 'WnW' Internet icon? Also no matter what I try I can't get the predictive text to work on the Samsung Keyboard. I've tried wiping, disabling and then re-enabling, but nothing :( K
  7. For a start you'll probably find them cheaper on eBay.. they do work, usually by entering a code on the handset. They are very small and flimsy which means they can be fairly delicate and stop working, but also you may have trouble getting the back of your phone on as they aren't THAT slim. K
  8. Go into 'Accounts and Sync' find your google account.. press on that and untick 'Picasa Web Albums' or similar. Will stop them showing.
  9. I do find that WaveSecure or Cerebus aren't really needed because you can track your phone and do all that kinda stuff www.samsungdive.com If you've signed in with a Samsung account on your phone. K
  10. Yes it's based on a new ROM from Samsung which is Version 2.3.5 instead of 2.3.4, Samsung don't release changelogs between versions, so you have to find the differences yourself, there is a slightly altered font and apparently mildly better battery life in this latest update (probably some bug fixes too!) K
  11. Don't forget the expanded power menu without the percentage, option to remove the vibrate when connected to the charger and option to remove the 100% full battery notification. :) Thank ooooh :) K
  12. Well if you could point everyone in the direction of a stock ROM that has a kitchen, doesn't have a horrid theme and doesn't eat your battery I'm sure we'd be all ears..
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