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  1. Indeed it is <3 And those memories shall be even memoriable after another 11 pages of poo.
  2. Any idea on the actual CPU of the One V? And the obvious how did you get to play before even MWC and etc. :P Oh yeah, ROM leaks would be deeeelightful. Just sayin'.
  3. I'd laugh at your phone some more, but it is both off topic and would take away from this amazing feat of developings. Wait, this is the Skate? Ah. The Blade is a terrible phone.
  4. <slow clap> Well done. I mean, really. I deemed this impossible. And laughed at Jamie because of that. You have earned your clap. </slow clap>
  5. Indeed. *you're Also : bring the thread into 2012! Woooo cheese! Almost been a member for 2 years, my birthday real soon, and nearly 2000 posts. Imma need to spam the Blade forum then get the partay thread revived. :P
  6. Hmm. Yah, I can relate. The DZ section is balls.
  7. I'm still beating your post count. And I took a huge break from Modaco. Also - why do no ICS pics have signal? Just sayin.
  8. lol. Share then. I'll "fix" it for you. Also - surely Google wouldn't mess anything up? Nor would they leave graphics bugged. Even on a test build.
  9. Good fakes me bro. Shame you left some faults. The Model Number shouldn't be IceCreamSandwich, it should be Blade, or ZTE Blade.The Build Number shouldn't be BLADE_V880_ZTE, it should be similar to 2.3.4's GRJ22. Like IFK89B (Nexus Prime)Your kernel is built by [email protected], yet the Nexus Prime build is from [email protected] doesn't match this at all. The Prime has a gradient, and the lines don't reach both ends of the screen.
  10. I was thinking of trying to port Honeycomb to the AndyPad. I just don't know if I could do it. And, if your review is spot on, I don't know if I could live with the stock ROM. I'll probably wait till I try a Vega (although it'll be stock ROM :( ) and hopefully the AndyPad crew will hit shops at some point for me to mess with. Still, nice full review. Even if you say it ain't finished. Couple questions - can you change the filesystem to something decent? Since you say there's already ext3 support, surely it can be done? SDK certificates? Do they mean much? I think its an SDK port. The build.prop looked pretty nasty to me. And is the serial number very important? (I know it is, but I mean from an ADB point of view) And when can we expect an MDC ROM? ;)
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