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  1. Heya everyone, be sure to send T-mobile a copy of the following with your name signed at the bottom! ^__^ http://cantankerous.co.uk/?p=499
  2. Can I ask if anyone has put together a petition to stop this sorry? There's no question that contract users are basically having the terms of their contracts breached, but in addition to this, it is total abuse of power. WTF do they mean save videos and gaming and whatnot for home broadband? Who the hell are they to decide what we do with what we buy from them? If they sell me a phone with youtube/real internet/whatever as a major selling point, surely it's nothing more than their duty to ensure that they are actually continuing to provide me with what I've paid for?! Argh we need a huge petition to stop this, it is total abuse of their clientèle.
  3. XD Just put one of the official updates on your micro sd card, and hold end call and volume up on start up - resetting everything :P You'll have to re-root and what not, but it is the only way :D
  4. ...WP7 is heaven! I really understand where the corny adverts are coming from. It's just **so** clean... I didn't realise just how clunky Android was before. The other thing that I love about it is how fun it is! Something else that I didn't realise before is just how boring Android is. WP7 is a pleaseure to use, and is genuinly quite exciting! feelmychi PS. If anyone is thinking of migrating from an Andoid device, I'm happy to give advice B)
  5. :) Let's hope not :) Unfortunately no ;) He's not particularly techy, hence I'll still probably be doing all the updating of his Pulse, thus needing our wonderful pulse.MoDaCo.com ;) feelmychi
  6. Hiya all, in spite of not being well known on MoDaCo at all, I just thought I'd let people on mass know that my Pulse is being given to one of my friends, as I have just won an eBay auction for an HTC Mozart 7 B) I'll still be checking our beloved pulse forum so that I can help out my dearest buddy Joe who will be getting my beloved Pulse if he needs help though =] See y'all around! feelmychi
  7. I'm guessing you haven't seen what WP7 phones are managing B)
  8. But Tom G's cyanogen port is next to perfect :S And our Pulses are dead value-wise anyway :S I'd rather Huawei didn't waste their time, and developed something new and good instead...
  9. Will check the error message now. I can't get clockwork working without root, and I need to flash a custom rom to get root; thus AmonRA will have to suffice for now, even if I can't restore backups for now...
  10. Okay, so I got my pulse back from T-mobile today, and was told that they had totally replaced the "mainboard" or something - basically everything on the inside. So I turned it on, and what do you know, the touch screen doesn't work, following a scrambly screen for a few seconds at start-up. So I installed AmonRA so that I could restore my nandroid backup, but AmonRA doesn't seem to be able to restore them - it just opens the folders as normal folders as opposed to just restoring them. So, I installed the UK 2.1 update, thinking that having T-mobile's 1.5 as the base might be the cause of my problems. This made the touch screen work, but I still can't restore any of my backups for the same reason as given before, and trying to flash the cyanogen mod rom straight keeps failing as well. Can anyone help? :rolleyes: feelmychi
  11. In the end, I think I'm going to be getting an HTC Mozart :rolleyes:
  12. It's the technology that's the problem - Xenon flashes are only designed to flash for a very small period of time, otherwise they just break :rolleyes: I'll hopefully be getting my Mozart tomorrow! :huh:
  13. Aww damnit I am SO confused right now XD The Desire Z looks sooooo appealing, and I know that Android will work just beautifully... But earlier today, this tiny thought came into my head, and I am now *seriously* considering a WP7 phone XD What on earth has driven me to this, I don't know, but I seriously hope that it sorts itself out...
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